Top 5 Games Terrorists Should Be Using For Training

With The Sun's laughable story about terrorists using games like Call of Duty to train and communicate, Jamie from StickTwiddlers thought that he'd suggest the top five titles that they really should be using.

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Young_ART2399d ago

My list would consist of:

Super Smash Bros
Pokemon Leaf Green
Kinect sports

(This is MY list based on opinion. If you do not like it , then more power to you)

b4mw32399d ago

so we are suggesting games terrorist should play and use to play terror events? just so i am clear. ehh..

StickTwiddlers2399d ago

I would read the list and if you still feel threatened by what's suggested, seek assistance.

b4mw32398d ago

"Top 5 Games Terrorists Should Be Using For Training"