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In theory, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City had everything going for it - a great concept set in a beloved universe and a rich, compelling canon to draw from. However, this team-based shooter amounts to far less than the sum of its parts. There's a distinct difference between a franchise offshoot and a franchise bastardization. Unfortunately, Operation Raccoon City can only be defined as the latter.

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ksense2188d ago

never had high hopes for this game

StanSmith2188d ago

Same here. I said when it was announced that Slant Six were developing it, that it would be a poor game.

Slant Six are useless. Why Capcom asked them to make it, i'll never know.

jony_dols2188d ago

True. It's a pity Capcom didn't invest in a RE: Outbreak 3 game instead of this poorly put together squad shooter.

Raoh2188d ago

Probably because they are cheap to hire. I think their main success was socom on psp, outside of that I think slant six is pretty useless.

sikbeta2188d ago

RE:Giraffe here we go! XD

SilentNegotiator2188d ago

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

Slant Six developed it and the gameplay videos showed horrendously loose gameplay. I saw it coming.

crxss2187d ago

i'm enjoying the new ratings IGN is putting out. 8's and 9's should be stellar games and not handed out so easily.

zeeshan2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

@crXss: Yes, I wish. If only they had been this true with Mass Effect 3 and Call of Duty MW3 as well.

On topic: Well, I don't want to brag but I have always said that this game NEVER looked interesting at all. It's just not what you'd expect with RE games. No matter how hard you are trying to spin a game to attract COD crowd, the fact is that RE rapidly decreasing fan base is there because they loved the survival horror genre not another L4D or COD rip off. CAPCOM has really dropped the ball on this game and to be honest, after seeing all that I have and now after seeing the IGN review, I have absolutely little to no hope left for RE6 even though LEON is set to make a comeback (he is my fav RE character).

I hope I am wrong, I really hope that time and Capcom will prove me and skeptics like me wrong as it's painful to see such a monster of a franchise take a nosedive like this but I'd rather be prepared for what it seems now inevitable.


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RedDead2188d ago

--Slant Six--

Ruining franchises since 2007

red2tango2188d ago

To be fair, they did a better job with Socom Confrontation (after patches) than Zipper did with Socom 4. I want Socom 2 HD :(

Heartnet2187d ago

There psp socom games were decent lol Confrontatioon was their only mess and i think some people still play that game so might just be me

Grap2188d ago

way to go japan ruin your best franchises

sikbeta2188d ago

Isn't Slant Six Canadian Dev? :P

snipes1012188d ago

Yea, but a Japanese developer handed their franchise to a developer with a poor track record.

Sony3602187d ago


A japanese PUBLISHER handed their franchise over etc. etc.


VanillaBear2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Same here...

Best thing we can do now is hope to god the people who were going to get it to "try it" will hold off untill it goes in the bargain bin so Capcom will gain low sales for it

Capcom loose faith in getting crappy western devs to exploit their games

Capcom looses money

Slant Six won't be able to ruin another franchise again, who would turst them

and maybe, just maybe Capcom will learn their mistakes and get the wake up call they deserve

Everyone wins

Raoh2188d ago

Pretty much, I don't think anyone expected this to do well.

1. Slant Six (the aholes behind socom confrontation)
2. Capcom, slowly killing off all of their own franchises and turning resident evil into something that no longer resembles horror games.
3. ??????????????
4. Profit Loss

Ravenor2187d ago

There is zero wrong with SOCOM confrontation. Least when it launched I could easily join a game with friends, unlike the party systemless SOCOM 4.

callahan092188d ago

This review sounds so much more hate-filled than the Ninja Gaiden 3 one. The entire review is a complete lambasting of every aspect of the game and makes it so utterly awful and completely unplayable. There was nothing in the NG3 review that made it sound even REMOTELY as awful, annoying, despicably unplayable as this game, and yet they gave this a higher score. Something seems wrong there.

BluePumpkin72188d ago

nope, the game's just shit.

Proeliator2188d ago

That's what I thought too... and then I played it...

Heartnet2187d ago

tbh the script written for this review lacks material -_- she repeats the same thing over and over lol made me chuckle :)

kaveti66162187d ago

"Something seems wrong there."

No, nothing's wrong. You just don't understand that two different people reviewed those two different games.

callahan092186d ago

But IGN slapped their name on both reviews. Is it really true that the individual reviewer at a site like IGN gets 100% of the say in the score for a game? Don't they have an editor in place who oversees these kinds of things? I just believe that since they're slapping their name on the review, and it goes into Metacritic as "IGN" not as "Greg Miller" or whoever the individual was, that IGN's editors should keep some form of consistency between reviews, even when tested by different individuals. You can keep this consistency without even playing the games, as far as that editor is concerned. You just have to personally approve each submission, and in doing so, you have to ensure that the score is justified. If one review says "The game works, but fans of the series won't appreciate the changes and simplification and it's a bit easy" and the other review says "The game is frustrating, annoying, the AI is broken, and the series fans won't appreciate the changes" then it seems to me the latter description must come with a lower score because the text of the review describes it as being a much worse product.

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finbars752188d ago

WTF is wrong with you people in this room?Seriousley.Im sorry but just because someone says its a 4/10 does it mean it really is?In there opinion they think its a 4/10 but if you actually play the game its a hell of alot better then some of the games out right now.The game is smooth as butter and the controls are dead on.The graphics arent the best but the gameplay is sweet and the coop is fantastic.So really in my opinion on what I have played its alot higher then a 4 which tells me that IGNs head is where the sun doesnt shine along with everyone else in this room judging the game by a crappy review.Try the game and you will be very surprised on how good this game is.I would give it a 7.8 easily maybe 8 but overall its a fun game with great times with your friends and others online.A 4/10 plzzz what game where you guys playing?

StanSmith2188d ago

The thing is, it's not just ign saying this. This game generally has poor reviews.

After the abortion of a game Socom Confrontation, their was no way i would chance $60/£40 on this. Especially after the reviews. I may rent it at a later date or i may wait for a price drop to £20.

jwk942188d ago

Fine then, listen to the dozens of others that failed this game. It's sitting at a 50% on Metacritic

Ravenor2187d ago

@MarioFTW what was wrong with SOCOM confrontation again? What made SOCOM 4 or even SOCOM 3 better?

saf1007922187d ago

@Ravenor a shit ton of stuff. 4 wasn't great but confrontation was absolutely utter trash when it released. its better now but seriously you couldn't even move and change weapons when it first released. It was horrible. Least 4 has smooth gameplay. yea it lacked some things but it damn sure allowed you to change weapons and move

Sony3602187d ago

You can't go into denial about this. If it's getting scores like this from places like IGN, there has to be something wrong with it. No matter how much you dress it up.

StanSmith2187d ago

@Ravenor The question you should be asking yourself is what was right with Socom Confrontation? That answer (if you are honest) is very little.

The game took months just to become playable. Although Socom 4 was not as good as the Original or Socom 2, it was far better than Confrontation.

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ritsuka6662188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )


CRAPCOM deserve this, they are pathetic in this

2188d ago
finbars752187d ago

It doesnt matter how many reviews that came out that where 7-8/10.Everyone has different taste.So basically your trying to tell me that MWF3 is great because the reviewers gave it good scores? exactley my point.You cant trust every reviewer out there on any game.I have played so many great games that had low scores and so many shit games that high reviews.Until you actually play the game then I feel that your opnion doesnt count.If you played the game and from what I have read which is no then i will give you your opinion so stop watching some ridiculious video that only shows the bad and not the good.

Legionaire20052187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Dude If you watch the gameplay walkthrough in the past couple of months you see why this game got the score what it got. The game is a terrible mess!!! The A.I. is bad the level design are boring, and very bad glitches. The hype for the this game died when Resident Evil 6 was announced for November of this year, and it completely overshadowed this game. Save your money and reserve Resident Evil 6. Heck that even has multiplayer too that would over shadow it. The 360 at least got the better version of this crappy game, by adding a playable Nemesis. This is crap out the trash can, and I mean literally. Armored Core 5 will rip this a new one.

antz11042187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Do you mean MW3? Are you really going to compare THAT to THIS? Say what you want, MW3 is a gem compared to this.

This game does look really bad, and thats outside of the fact they sh%t all over one of the best survival horror franchises ever by turning it into a squad shooter. This game never really had a chance.

gemc6662187d ago

Coming up next, DMC, thanks crapcom, for ruining the franchises we loved -.-

2187d ago
evilunklebud2187d ago

Yeah, it seems the wheels have come off of this franchise.

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turokgames2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

glad they finally fixed the video player.

snipes1012188d ago

I get that some of the crappy mechanics are getting bashed, but as for the lack of creepiness, I dont see that at all. They said it themselves, its an offshoot. A team based shooter. Its not supposed to be scary, youre a bad ass special ops soldier armed to the teeth. I dont see how that would lead you to believe that this would be scary.

Just because it takes place in the RE universe does not necessarily mean it is going to be scary, even though the franchise has been established as being scary.

Baka-akaB2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

that's not the issue ... it's not even a good shooter , or good at anything .

Would we be wasting time debating over this game if it didnt bear the RE brand anyway ? No we probably wouldnt .

Just like we didnt waste as much ink on their previous horrendeous Socom game , and average/mediocre stuff like Conflict denied ops ;p .

Ravenor2187d ago

Other then the launch what was terrible about Confrontation? It was SOCOM 2.5, what was so bad about that?

You would really rank Conflict: Denied Ops at Average/Mediocre? Okay...

snipes1012188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I didnt say any of that had anything to do with the quality of the game, Im just saying that the "atmosphere" theyre bemoaning isnt supposed to be scary. Its an action game.

Where did I say that had anything to do with how good the game is? My first sentence started with "I get that some of the crappy mechanics are getting bashed..." Make sense?

EDIT: My point being, if they want to take off points for crappy mechanics, thats perfectly fine and given what I read I cant say I disagree. But to take points off for lack of creepiness is just foolish. Its a team based shooter that is merely set in the RE universe. A different take on it. Too bad the story doesnt actually make this different take worth looking at. Ill withhold judgement till I get my copy though. Reviews for this are all over the place. It really seems like a love it or hate it game.

Tdmd2188d ago

Maybe it shouldn't be scary, but armed and well trained or not, you are still in the middle of a nightmarish town crowded by monsters and undead creatures, with death and destruction everywhere you go. One would think this should be at the very least, creepy, don't you think so? If they want to use the Resident Evil name, they should at least respect it's atmosphere. Doesn't need to be scary, but it should be moody. Gee, just take a look at dead space: a LOT of people said it wasn't scary at all, but no one can deny it IS very creepy.

Anyway, I think it is a valid criticism.

smashman982188d ago

@dmd no its not a valid point if u heard these characters talking to each other youd see theyre crazy

which just further shows that ur not meant to be scared capcom has said dozens of times this IS an action game

as for the mechanics i can see them taking off points for ai but everything else works really well

Godchild10202188d ago

I've had the game since Friday and played a few matches online and played the single player with some people. I found the game enjoyable. The only problem I had was the way the weapons are nerf'd. It takes way to many shoots to take down an enemy. At least it was like that in the first chapter on Veteran.

Baka-akaB2188d ago

Sure , my bad .

I'm trying to say as well , that the lack of horror wouldnt be such an issue if any aspect of the game was any good

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Rainstorm812188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

IGN is not holding back on these guys ruining good franchises........all is as it should be :-D

LX-General-Kaos2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Seen this comming miles away. That's what happens when you try to turn Resident Evil into a tactical military shooter. We all knew that it wouldn't end well. I hope other devs learn from this and stop destroying great games.

Not everything has to be a modern shooter. Especially resident evil.

Rated 4 For Everyone

Ace_Pheonix2188d ago

Metal Gear Rising comes to mind. I just know it's going to be terrible...

vallencer2188d ago

Really how do you know? Have you seen platinum games record?? Its fantastic. Or are you saying this because a hack n slash game isn't your style of game?

BluePumpkin72188d ago

i agree it's going to be a terrible MGS game but a good game overall

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2187d ago

I'd wait to see some gameplay before judging mgr

HellzAssassin2187d ago

Platinum Games... that's all that matters. My favourite devs this generation so I know they won't fail. MGR:R will be a day one purchase for me.

antz11042187d ago

@ Vallencer,

Hack n' slash isnt Metal Gears type of game either if you want to put it that way.

Kahvipannu2187d ago

MGS 4 was a shooter already, so I see why you would be worried about Rising too taking different aproach.

Tought PG is making Rising now, and personally after Bayonetta I just want next hack'n slash from them, even if it would be starred by Hermit the frog. Bayonetta's gameplay/controls were so spot on, it is just amazing game.

Ace_Pheonix2187d ago

I'm saying this from the perspective of it not being at all Metal Gear. If it didn't have anything remotely to do with the Metal Gear series and I saw the trailer I might actually think it looks interesting. But the tone of the game just feels all wrong to me. I know the devs are talented, but this is MGS we're talking about here.

vallencer2187d ago

I know exactly what you mean but neither was a card game and metal gear acid is actually really good. That's really the only reason I defend metal gear rising. That and platinum games is making it.

antz11042187d ago

^ Fair enough man, good retort!

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