A million sales pretty much guaranteed for Dragon's Dogma in Japan

Dragon's Dogma, Capcom's action RPG could be seen as a risk outside of Japan, but in its homeland the game is assured success, producer Hideaki Itsuno has told

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Captain Qwark 92228d ago

well they sold one here in the states at least. ill be picking ti up day 1, it looks great

pr0digyZA2228d ago

Ye same I am buying it day one, from all the videos it just looks like my sort of game.

Captain Qwark 92227d ago

agreed. everytime i see it i find it more impressive.

the animations are possibly the best ive ever seen, the art direction is excellent and the game-play reminds me of a slightly faster, deeper dark souls

Nitrowolf22221d ago

As much as Capcom sucks, this looks like the most promising IP that has come out from them in a while.

To me this can do it,because this literally looks like Monster Hunters HD mixed with Demon Souls.

I am so buying this game.
Won't support Capcom though when it comes to DLC

360GamerFG2228d ago

Capcom? Yeah no thanx. I've learnt my lesson.

dark-hollow2227d ago

you know capcom isn't one person.

Why punish the developer For the publishers greedy acts on OTHER games that have nothing to do with dd?

DragonKnight2227d ago

@dark-hollow: when Capcom is the developer and the publisher, it's completely logical to punish them as a whole.

That being said, this game doesn't look like anything typical to Capcom, so I'm likely going to get it because I'm liking what I see. Hopefully there will not be any DLC issues like with the rest of Capcom's games.

NukaCola2227d ago


I kind of agree with you. I really do not trust Capcom from what they have pulled on every game, week after week, this generation.

I do have to say the game look really good though. The frame rate seems a bit choppy though. I will wait to see if I buy it. I do hope to play a demo though.

Stealth2k2228d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Going global is a mistake because it leads to generic titles like this one.......

Its a pathetic western cash grab at monster hunter which has far more whimsy and soul than this title.......

There isnt a chance it sells 1 million in any region, let alone japan


the art style is completely generic, and you dont think action games with a realism style have been done before?

Theres isnt even a sliver of a chance it sells 1 million in japan.

I expect the first week to be somewhere between 50 and 100k. Thats reasonable.........

If they really want to sell millions worldwide, keep doing monster hunters, which are far better games. This just looks like a stiff western knock off.......

And honestly, everyone should hope this doesnt sell. It will teach capcom that they cant keep doing shady things, making games the fans just dont ask for, or sellout ( which theyve done)

All the talent from capcom has bleed out the last 10 years and now they are doing other things.

The devs left at capcom think globalization is good, but in reality it leads to garbage like this title.

Baka-akaB2228d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Generic ? if you know that many similar titles by all mean please point them out so i could buy them all -_- .
Last pure and good action fantasy game i saw were stuff like LOTR eons ago ... the mediocre Trinity Zill wich is more of an rpg anyway , the awful Knight Contract , Nier and Hunted ...
With hardly any of them looking the same and having the same gameplay features

Or are you just sounding off because of the artstyle ? Wich is this case is hardly such a widespread one among japanese action title , or even western ones for that matter .

I can understand you not liking the game , but calling it generic is silly .

Anyway i disagree , it will easily get that first million .

Looking forward to that next action game from the guy wich delivered the still excellent dmc3-4 .

PS :

If you're going to call that generic looking , then prepare to call Berserk , Lodoss and Demon's Souls generic too .

Shivan2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

demon souls is a good game, watching vids of this made me want to vomit personally.

Its going to sell well, but not 1 mil well in any region.

Also that globalization statement scares me because you can say goodbye to there most unique and innovative titles like okami, megaman, resident evil, pheonix wright, amongst other things and hello

realism shooter, realism shooter, realim action game, realism shooter, rinse and repeat.

Baka-akaB2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )


It's a japanese take at the traditional heroic fantasy style , i see nothing wrong with that . I never said it's was "never done" , but stop pretending it's a common occurence and generic .

You aint even able to name a recent list i notice , and go on forever on monster hunter . As if , even if you were right , them doing a variation upon their own franchise was a bad thing to begin with .

The setting might be traditional , but their take , artstyle wise is different enough for it to show . Just like Demon Souls having a traditional setting wont suddenly make it looks like oblivion .

As for sales , you stated it wont reach a million anywhere , i'm not betting on japan necessarily , but i easily bet it will . The game is getting more and more notice as it gets more exposure ... It's quite ideally placed as a may release , and its being heavily tied with that re6 demo wich will help .

Shivan2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

I would love the kind of money capcom is paying you to drink there koolaid.

It will not sell 1 million in any region, nor will it sell 10 million worldwide............

thats ridiculous.

fyi the art style and general graphical tone is exactly the same thing in any western game which uses a realistic style. The kind that makes me go meh

Baka-akaB2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

And how how much do you want to lay off me ? We dont have to agree you know , so let's just respecfully disagree . I dont waste my timing throwing the word ridiculous at your rant .

I see a good art direction you just dont . When i look at stuff like oblivion and skyrim , the current go to fantasy stuff , I dont see nearly the same character design or monster design . I anything i've always found it mediocre in those two without mods . While here i find enough remnant of the japanese artstyles to find it better .

Obviously i'm just talking design here . I see a japanese take on traditional fantasy realistic settings , something hardly that common.

Again i ask , if your going to call that generic , what about anything else using the same kind of settings with a japanese perspective ? And where are those list of similar japanese games ?

Parapraxis2227d ago

Good posts Baka-akaB, well said.

Baka-akaB2228d ago

Was always day one for this game , and everytime a new trailer pops in , it's better , so of course i'm in .

vikingland12227d ago

I can't wait to use someones Pawn or visa versa.

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