Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

The Final Fantasy series has taken an interesting course in the past few years. In 2010 Final Fantasy XIII was released as the first game in the series on the next generation consoles. The game received mixed reviews by gamers.

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stonecold32284d ago

why has 360 got tagged on this when its ps3 exclusive

Snookies122284d ago

Haha, and why did someone disagree with that? XD

blitz06232284d ago

FF Versus XIII? Never heard of it

badz1492283d ago

more like "never gonna see it"!

maniacmayhem2284d ago

There's a big chance that this game may go multi-platform.

TopDudeMan2284d ago

I agree with this. Why else would it have taken 5 years?

DarkBlood2284d ago

if it does i at least hope they just wait till the next xbox comes out that way noting is gimped when they can put it on those 25 gb discs i been hearing about

even though i prefer it remain ps3 exclusive, why? well i think you all know the answer to that

Snookies122284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I know Tetsuya Nomura said he would NOT be doing multiplatform a while back. He saw the problems XIII suffered because of this, and thought it was quote "A mistake".

So I really don't think a game he's in charge of would be multiplatform, unless Enix decides to overpower him in that decision.

Though... He DID say that being ported to the 360 after the game has been made, would be an acceptable idea.

_Aarix_2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Do you guys honestly belive there isnt a chance that itll be ported to the 360. I mean considering how long in development its in do you think square enix will take the profit loss from it.

badz1492283d ago

this game is very close to be the most overhyped vaporware of all time!

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RedDead2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

While I agree...I'd be shocked if Versus stays exclusive. I want it to stay exclusive but come on lets be realistic here. This is S-E.

Also, this game has loads of info released about it. Everything you need to know without going into spoiler territory. Gameplay, Map, Airships, cars, exploration(capture summons and ****) Etc. They just need a release date for the bloody thing. The gameplay vid was over a year ago and all...Voice recording began over a year ago etc

And yeah Rai down there, hopefully it plays closer to KH bbs. KH2 has the worst KH battle system I think. I just hope it doesn't have nothing but battles like KH. The battle system in KH is good. The enemies are just repetitive though. The battle system shines in boss battles. Specially in KH1 and bbs

Fishy Fingers2284d ago

It better stay exclusive, I don't want my vapourware getting gimped by going multi....

Convas2284d ago

Haha, I'm not sure those who are agreeing with you see what exactly you did there ...

Majin-vegeta2284d ago

Yea same here man if SE manages to f**k this game up i'm no longer buying their products cuz it seems they're after the money now instead of quality:(.

DigitalRaptor2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Noticing people trying to be clever with the whole "vapourware" and "multiplatform" argument and using points like "it's been 5 years so it must be going multi". No evidence to support these wild assumptions I'm afraid. Square just haven't been concentrating on it as much as we all hoped, until early this year.

The "vapourware" argument. There's a ton of info and released footage so far, you only have to look for it. http://www.finalfantasy-fxn...

And going "multiplatform": well you only have to read up about the scope of the game, and the fact that it's been developed in a bespoke manner for PS3 since its inception, and only recently has used the next-gen Luminous engine in areas to improve lighting. How can they be sure what they have already developed will even work and the game's pace will be suitable with 2+ discs. It's obvious it will be on more than one, so think reasonably and ask yourself, will Nomura destroy the flow of the game and its design to consider the 360? Not worth the additional ballache - the game is already behind schedule, and with the team also working on FFX HD for PS3 & Vita that wouldn't help matters. So there isn't a "big chance" it will go multi, a slight one. It's something Square would have considered and decided upon many months ago and most likely we'd already know about it.

And... The game hasn't been in development for 6 years. It halted quite dramatically when they were working on XIII, XIII-2 and other games in the Square Enix library. This game has taken a back seat to everything else so don't blame anyone else but Square and their priorities. The most important thing to realise is that the game was announced far too early. Just like The Last Guardian and just like Gran Turismo 5.

Well that's the end of my input. Make what you will.

torchic2284d ago

you sir own the interwebs. an agree and bubble for clearly pointing out that this game still exists, and is still, and will stay exclusive. I've been singing the exact same song for the past 2/3 years but people for some odd reason don't get it. another fact to point out is that SE could've easily made Agito XIII multiplatform (for DS/3DS) but they kept it exclusive.

I cannot wait for this game don't care what anyone says. truth is Sony sold a shitload of PS3's based on the first CG trailers of Versus, my PS3 being one of them. Nomura's updates are very promising, and if he continues on the same path then we might have one of the best games this gen. Versus XIII platinum is going to sit very nicely next to my XIII platinum :)

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betan212284d ago

im so over this game for many years its been?hmmm

Rai2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

looking amazing..sure like most square games, but if it plays like KH2 then I'm going to stay clear of this game.

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