Bargain PlayStation 3s for Prisoners

National's justice and corrections spokesman, Simon Power, yesterday made public figures that he said showed that the department bought 32 LCD TVs in the 2006-07 financial year, at a cost of $40,691. Earlier, it bought eight PlayStations and 58 games, for $4682.

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unsunghero283674d ago

Maybe it's not so bad to do time...

Darkiewonder3674d ago

I thought prison it was like eat, sleep, work out. They get to play video game? O.o

It's almost like Celebrity Rehab. you find a way to go there because it's better than "Real life".

Damphear3674d ago

i would want to play a guy that killed a person in a fps game.

he might be better sence he has done it

Skerj3674d ago

Lmfao that's effed up, but it's funny.

Skerj3674d ago

Yeah um, how about I play games at home and at a friend's house, you know without the threat of being manraped.

GIJeff3674d ago

your friend is THAT kind of guy. :\

Damphear3672d ago

its not really like that unless there really messed up on drugs.

they mostly sit and watch tv and work out.

MUNKYPOO3674d ago

oohh i better watch what i say now when im playing online.

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