Binary Domain (PS3) Review - Push Square

Push Square's Chris Ingram writes:

"EGA is well known for its great arcade gaming experiences and Binary Domain shows why it's still one of the best in the business after all these years."

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Farsendor12128d ago

I'm looking forward to playing this game on pc cause that is the only platform i have but great score for a great looking game. should be a good game on ps3,360 and pc

-MD-2128d ago

Just finished it, loved the whole thing.

Blows Gears 3 out of the water as a TPS.

Rageanitus2128d ago

not really, but one thing for sure its a good game. Cancelled my preorder of ninja gaiden for this game (due to bad reviews).

I don't really care about the bad AI but sometimes your sidekicks can get annoying. The recoil is pretty heavy in this game when firing guns. Is there way to steady your sniper rifle ?