And You Thought Mass Effect 3’s Ending Was Bad…

When people get all misty-eyed about the amazing, original Syndicate from 1993, they often overlook something. The game's ending. Or, to be more accurate, its complete lack of one.

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no, we just werent as spoiled as gamers are today, we took the endings we got and we moved on. get over it everyone, the princess is in another castle

FinaLXiii2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

exacly the princess will be always in another castle as long castles are build but ill stop caring about the princess before that.

Mass Effect 4 will come just wait and watch with more mediocrity on the way.

Basjohn2042d ago

Could you be more wrong? Did you play in the SNES era at all? Look at endings to FF4, FF5, FF6, Bahumat Lagoon, Tales of Phantasia and anything else beyond a platformer or beat em up. There have ALWAYS been fantastic endings for as long as there have been fantastic stories.

On a mildly related note however, the Syndicate FPS is a brilliant example of everything that has slowly gone wrong in gaming over the past 10 years.


How did that prove me wrong in any shape or form? the SNES was and still is one of the most incredible consoles ever, so yeah i played SNES.
But if you played games in the 80s you know that you didnt play a game for its EPIC ending, you played it because the game was ... fuuuun.

Pozzle2043d ago

NGL, I think that's a pretty good ending in terms of retro game endings. Most of my old games just ended with a blank screen and a "Congratulations! You won!" message.

MasterD9192042d ago

Gamers have lost touch with gaming...

Godmars2902042d ago

Missing how this is suppose to be worse when the actions you take leads towards the game's end. Its not something offered in contradiction to what you've done or the basic premise.