Nintendo to Abandon the Wii U Name?

"Recently a possible leaked cover image of an upcoming issue of Nintendo Gamer has been circulating around the net. The cover is littered with preview information..."

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MultiConsoleGamer2038d ago


They don't want a repeat of the "3ds" brand confusion.

PSVITAlitysensor2038d ago

What confusion? 3DS is da perfect name 4 da 3DS!

RockmanII72038d ago

A lot of people thought the 3DS was just an upgraded DS instead of a next generation console, the obvious choice would be to name it the Wii 2 but Nintendo isn't big on numbers in their console name (Outside of the 64).

BattleAxe2038d ago

The new name will be the Nintendo: Dreamcast

ape0072038d ago

that's exactly what i feel it gonna be

AusRogo2038d ago

Though im sure everyone would rather a new real dreamcast.

yabhero2037d ago

not me because
Nintendo> Sega

izumo_lee2038d ago

I have a feeling they are going to use the name 'Revolution' which should have been the name for the original Wii. This new console from Nintendo is suppose to 'revolutionize' the industry according to them from what i have read.

live2play2038d ago

go old school



HurstDarkStar2038d ago

I hope the rename it, please no more gimmicky names. it just turns long term users off from taken it seriously -_-

live2play2038d ago



:) ima keep calling it that

VanillaBear2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

This would be a good move by Nintendo

Wii U dosen't sound gen, it sounds, especialy to the casual crowd who don't know a thing about games, like an upgraded Wii with a new controler. With the state the economy is in the average casual customer would probaly think "Lets just hang onto our Wii, no point buying an improved product of something we already have"....I mean it's like the 3DS, yes it really gets the point out there it's 3D related but it sounds like another installment of the DS line not a next gen portable.

I mean we know it's next gen but since Nintendo are going for the casual and hardcore with the Wii U it's a point they need to make clear...or least I think they are, they really havent estalished this yet, to be honest I don't even think they know themselfs, they say it's for the core then keep focusing on gimmicks to sell the product. For example can't we have a normal controler please like the gamecube one (least make it optional...especialy for next gens Super Smash Bros)

Anyway a name change would be a good idea.

yabhero2037d ago

I think the might make a regular controller... but there isn't really a point. Nintendo already broke down halfway and gave u a controller with all the regular buttons, just bigger. I don't see what the big fuss is about using the exact same controller ever gen... I like some variety... I'm not a supporter of DualShock 700 and Xbox Controller 234

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The story is too old to be commented.