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"Gamer culture is no stranger to the concept of internet backlash. Ever since the dawn of message boards, nearly every major gaming release has received scrutiny from a vocal group of fans upset at some aspect of said game - be it the story, the design, or other parts of the production. The current recipient of the internet's judgmental wrath is BioWare's recently released Mass Effect 3 - more specifically, its ending. So strong is the dislike for the ending, in fact, that fans of the game have already raised almost $70K for charity in an online petition for BioWare to change it." Jake Weston, Associate Editor

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TheGOODKyle2038d ago

The reason it should be changed is all the massive plot holes there are in the game. You can't just sit there and accept that. However, I personally don't think it needs to be changed because of the indoctrination theory

VanillaBear2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I think people fail to realise it dosen't really need to be changed if they go with the indoctrination theory all that will happen is you'll start off getting up from the ruble after being hit by harbingers laser.

The amount of plotholes in the ending which can be corrected if the indoctrination was true makes it more believable that this is where Bioware were going with it from the start and the DLC they said was coming at the end of the game is in fact Shepard pressing on to finish the war.

I think Biowares problem was how they pulled it off, it all depends if the DLC is free or not. If it isn't free then it will add fuel to the fire since it will confirm this was Biowares plan all along and they will get even more hate

UnRated2038d ago

It doesn`t need to be changed because there is a problem with it. Art has never been about creating perfection.

portugamer2038d ago

Maybe bioware made the ending, thinking about his next game..

I have only one question to you, guys, who want another ending.

Q: would you like to have a dlc, that changes me3 ending, but definitely ends the series. OR

Would you like to leave it untouched, with the hope bioware will make , for example, mass effect 4, 5 and 6, with 80 hours gameplay, for each game.

I personally would rather have another mass effect games.oh yeah, baby.

I haven't played mass effect 3 yet, and even if its ending apparently don't please everyone, I can remember other games, where the ending was awful, but nobody talked about it.

For example, arkham city was the game that most disappointed me, in 2011. Just when I was happy, doing my main quest,and had all the secondary quests running, about 30-40% each, suddenly the game ends, leaving me with 20 unfinished secondary quests,and no way I could continue them. Just when the game reached such a level of pleasure, with all the weapons upgraded,etc, for example, I bad te freezing gun, that could create some ice, on the water. I wanted to go kill szasz , but the game ended abruptly. Man, I WAS disappointed, disgusted.I ejected the disc, and didn't touch it anymore.

Well, did anyone talk about arkham city ending , which for me was completely stupid? No, the game kept getting 10/10 everywhere.

That's why I try to understand all the fuzz about me3 literally did hundreds of things during the 3 games, with many many different choices. I don't know how bioware could make a different ending, that would please everybody.

UnRated2038d ago

You can continue playing Arkham City after you beat it

portugamer2038d ago

I know I could do some missions with catwoman, after the end.
But I was so sad about the way the game ended, I didn't feel like playing it anymore.

The whole game and city felt so 'empty' after the ending, it was impossible, for me, to continue playing.

xAlmostPro2038d ago

Mass effect 3 had no where near 80 hours gameplay dude. Not playing through it story wise anyway.

portugamer2038d ago

I said I would like to have a future mass effect 4, with much more content.I didn't say mass effect 3 lasts 80 hours :)

Well, I finished mass effect 2, with 96 hours, I really tried to explore every pixel , texture, dialog, upgrades,etc.
I wish we could sell some iridium or paladium, and make some cash. I had about 500'000 for each metal, but didn't have enough cash to buy 3 or 4 updates, which were quite expensive, like 90'000 credits each.

Anyway, if bioware can make a mass effect 4-5-6 , for the ps4 or x720, with much more content, better textures, etc, it could be awesome.


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