Capcom: We'll Catch The Street Fighter X Tekken Hackers Ourselves

Gaming Blend "After only a day of employing loyal members of the gaming community to fight the good fight and bring the evil-doers of interactive entertainment to justice, Capcom has decided that they no longer require the services of gamers to stop the hackers."

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Titanz2224d ago

Hopefully, no one gets caught.

Skate-AK2224d ago

People caved. That's why they got called snitches.

2224d ago
kasasensei2224d ago

All your dlc is not even legit, especially the disk-locked-content, so keep a low profile capcom.

FlashXIII2224d ago

You reap what you sow... I hope Capcom are raging right now.

Dark_Overlord2224d ago

I think I may email trading standards to ascertain the legality of this. If what they are doing is totally legal, then Capcom better prepare for a court case pretty soon. If not then oh well......

Simon_Brezhnev2224d ago

yeah i hope you do email them. If i was rich i would file a law suit just 2 see if it was legal.

Dark_Overlord2224d ago

Just have :) I'll post their reply when they do :)

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The story is too old to be commented.