Nintendo Wii Cooking Mama spawns yet more bizarre Wii-motes

Have Wii? Like to Cook? Courtesy of Cooking Mama, the latest addition to the Wii-mote add-ons makes it that much wackier to crush the competition in a virtual cook-off.

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blynx1823671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

the Wii IS the PS2 for this gen, I have no idea what is.

Salvadore3671d ago

Is this even useful in anyway?

bozemanriverrat3671d ago

Not at all. Kind of like the golf club and tennis racket attachments, which someone offered to get me for Christmas. When I asked "why would I want that?" The answer was "because then it would be more like playing tennis."


If I wanted it to be more like playing tennis, I would...go play tennis. Just like if I wanted a skillet in my hand, I'd move away from the TV and get in the kitchen to make an actual omelette.

ktchong3671d ago

Why don't people just try REAL cooking??

Salvadore3671d ago

It costs less and you get to taste your own food.

Bnet3433671d ago

Yeah!!!! I want to see an 8 year old little girl try to make me a juicy steak ....

wiizy3671d ago

stop being scare.. wii is the only innovation with that wiimote. get use to it

redwingsrock3671d ago

is there a cooking game for the wii? cause that would be crazy. yum nothing like a virtual T-Bone steak