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Submitted by Pozzle 1423d ago | review

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City | IRB Gamer Review

IRB Gaming writes: Surprisingly, Operation Raccoon City provides an addicting co-op story (more fun with friends than memorable) and multiplayer games likes Heroes Mode, Biohazard and the upcoming Nemesis Mode, possibly making this one of the better entertaining titles for the 1st Quarter of 2012. You’ll definitely keep this in your console for quite some time! (PC, PS3, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Xbox 360) 4.25/5

execution17  +   1423d ago
hmm, reviews for this game are all over the place, well i'll probably trade MW3 for it :D
MilkEmHard  +   1423d ago
I agree so far it has had a 3/10, 9/10 3.5/5 and now a 4.25/5. I think I will be picking it up tomorrow but I am still waiting for a couple more reviews. Also the 3/10 review was a terrible review he only reviewed 1/3 of the game.
MasterD919  +   1423d ago
IGN gave the 3/10 score. No surprise there as it was a biased preview more than an actual review.
xPhearR3dx  +   1423d ago

No they didn't. Game TM or something gave it a 3/10. IGN has yet to post their review.
Laxman  +   1423d ago
Master, you're thinking of IGN's review for Ninja Gaiden. But yeah, they will likely have a terrible score for this game, too. More and more they are losing respect as critics, their scores and reviews themselves are very often overly biased and opinionated, moreso recently.
killerhog  +   1423d ago
Looks like its receiving the same criticism as ninja gaiden.
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Kingdom Come  +   1423d ago
As I stated in my Blog post, Games TM's review was terrible, they hadn't even played Co-Op or Versus Multiplayer and reviewed the game based on 4 Hours of singleplayer gameplay.
morganfell  +   1422d ago
I just came back from best Buy with the Raccoon City Special Edition (it has all 8 Bonus Weapons and 6 Outfits) along with Ninja Gaiden III and Armored Core V. I'll get into it later today. NGIII first.

I do not know if the game is good or not. But the last thing I will do is allow these imbeciles to decide for me. They have proven without doubt they are a nuisance to be avoided.

The best thing we as gamers can begin to do is to stop lending any sort of relevancy to any site, large or small, that doesn't list detailed grading standards nor do they provide and enforce an editorial policy that prevents angry adolescents from damning a decent game.

Also such sites fail to prevent overly enamored morons from maxing out a mediocre title while dodging the doorway wide issues that any normal gamer would spot.

As well we need to rail against incidents that reek of industry payola.

It is high time gamers begin to remove the undue influence these idiotic, self appointed know-it-alls have on our favored pastime.
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Gaming101  +   1422d ago
IGN's review just came out, 4/10. I'm sure anyone can see now more than ever that this kind of widespread scoring for games is destroying the credibility of review sites. We don't want your biased opinion, we want objectivity!
AusRogo  +   1423d ago
I shall too most likely trade mw3 for it.
hihosilver  +   1422d ago
i want to buy this game, but im tired of capcoms dlc bs always incomplete.
skyblue14213  +   1422d ago

Then do what I do and play the waiting game until the game price gets cheaper or the inevitable "ultimate super deluxe edition" of the game comes out which will include all of the dlc with the game from the get go. That way you get the complete version of the game at a discounted price, and by then all of the bugs inherent in the game will probably be fixed. Remember patience is a virtue.
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Morbius420  +   1422d ago
I see your point sky but this game's emphasis is on multipllayer: if you waitt for the 'super-edition' you'll have no one to play with on a game that isn't Modern Warfare. Everyone will have moved on, probably to MW or even Halo 4.
Frances75493423   1422d ago | Spam
ISNeko  +   1422d ago
Well, I know I'm having a damn fun coop time with it. I thought Slant Six might drop the ball but they didn't eat popcorn before the game it seems.
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asmith2306  +   1422d ago
Im on a Resident Evil buzz lately, just finished 2 and am playing through 3 now, so will probably pick this up. The review scores are all over the place though, whats the deal?
ClydeRadcliffe  +   1422d ago
The game is just a very mixed bag. Some are going to despise it, some might love it, and the rest will see that it's an entertaining shooter that comes good in multi-player, but which is absolutely riddled with flaws
Toster  +   1422d ago
Ive played this game and whether ur an RE fan or not I honestly cant see anyone "loving" this game. IGN gave it a 4.0 and I agree. They gace Ninja Gaiden a 3.0 and I disagree on that rating and same for NeverDead that got a poor rating too. But RE ORC I agree with 4.0 U dont want to make a classic RE game sure thats fine... But for god sakes at least make the game good! AI in this game is annoying. Controls are crap. It's basically a crappy version of Socom.
svoulis  +   1422d ago
I just bought this game and it's pure fun. The game mechanics make perfect sense. The controls work beautifully and the game is dark and gritty all over. GORY as hell and just fun all over the place especially with friends.

I recommend this game not only to Resident Evil fans but also, fans of shooters in general.
BattleTorn  +   1422d ago
Thank you!

I'm not a traditional RE fan (I kinda hated RE5, cause of the no-movement while shooting)

But RE:ORC looks like my type of TPS.

I hope this is a "Dead Island Scenario" over again, where I fall in LOVE with a game which is receiving mix'd reviews.
svoulis  +   1422d ago
People really need to stop F#@king comparing this to "traditional" RE games, its a spin off, a different game all together.

The most RE fans can do is enjoy the updated scenarios that the game offers like the RPD and key areas you've played through all those years ago.

Anyway about your comment sadly it's not like Dead Island which would've been amazing. Its very linear the zombies don't respawn in all areas which is sad and I wish they had some type of combo/point system on the campaign to make you want to keep killing zombies to rack up a good leaderboard score.

But sadly no. I feel that once I beat the campaign and get bored of online play I wont just go back.

This should've been L4D meets the RE universe. But instead its more like Socom meets RE.

Still don't think this game deserves a 3 or 4 out of 10 not by a long shot.
Soldierone  +   1422d ago
To be entirely honest its not Resident Evil at all. Beyond a few enemy appearances and the story it has nothing to do with the universe.

Basically its Socom with zombies in the middle, best way to describe it. Which is a killer idea, but as noted there are many flaws that I'm hoping get fixed soon....
DeadSpaced  +   1422d ago
What happened to the IGN that reviewed games respectfully without taking enormous bribes from million dollar companies? You have to admit that some of the games that IGN raves about are trash, produced by a company with enough money to make it rain for months.
snipes101  +   1422d ago
How does that have anything to do with this review? Good lord people really are stretching to diss IGN nowadays. You didnt even mention Operation Raccoon City.
DeadSpaced  +   1422d ago
You mad, bro? It's not much of a stretch. But I will admit, I should have talked about Operation Raccoon City more.

However, there is something I must know. Why are you so upset with people who don't like IGN?
snipes101  +   1422d ago
I could care less who does and doesnt like the site, but this article doesnt have anything to do with IGN. At all. Your comment is entirely off topic and you just come off as another bandwagoner on the "its cool to hate IGN train."

Not to mention, most people on that train are total hypocrites. Go over to the IGN review for ORC posted just a few minutes ago and people are praising them for destroying the game.

Typical N4G crowd.
antz1104  +   1422d ago
LMAO, got any extra tinfoil hats laying around? :-D

Irrelevant conspiracy theories aside, this games scores are all over the map to get a clear read. Maybe I'll just wait until RE6 to jump back into the series.
DeadSpaced  +   1422d ago
Let me hear you correctly. This article was a review. IGN was mentioned in a comment before my own. Therefore, I am off topic. Also, I don't like IGN so I "must" be on the stereotypical bandwagon. At that point, you continue to call me a hypocrite. I just want to point out your logical fallacy.
BALLARD32  +   1422d ago
IGN's reviewers are definitely biased. I doubt anyone would pay IGN to give Raccoon City a bad score but it's more than likely that the "blockbuster" games get better scores than they should.
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Robotronfiend  +   1422d ago
Rough month for some popular franchises. I skipped this, NG3, and the new Silent Hill when I saw SSX on sale for $40 on amazon. Maybe I'll get this or NG3 if they drop in price soon.
Kostchtchie  +   1422d ago
buying this for my pc when it finally gets released cannot wait...def the game to have if you loved re 1-3
Legionaire2005  +   1422d ago
I should never had reserved this game lol!!! Well at least I didn't pay full price. I had a lot of points from Bestbuy so I used 115 points from Best Buy Rewards Zone and only paid $ 5.00 dollars for Ghost Recon Future Soldier and this crappy look of a game. Had I known that Resident Evil 6 was going to come out in November 2012, would of reserved that instead. But all that was done last year. I will send it back lol for Resident Evil 6 and stick with Ghost Recon instead, cause that game series is a proven success.
Legionaire2005  +   1422d ago
I wonder why I got 3 disagrees lol!!!The game clearly look like it plays like crap. I saw a couple of walkthrough videos of the game. An the game developer played as one of the characters, then just when through most of the level without his A.I. team to assist just hack and slashing. Guess the A.I. just sucks!!! It was evident when I saw the walkthrough for the first level. This game was fulled with issues from the A.I. on both sides, the level design, and etc. It was total BS when they announced that you can control Nemesis only on 360. If I had the choice I would of already cancelled my preorder, but Best Buy won't allow me to redeem back those points, and it would also effect my Ghost Recon preorder. Gonna send it back to Best Buy for Resident Evil 6. Just face it guys, no one can make Resident Evil like Capcom, especially not Slant Six games do to their past track record of bad games. Ign gave it 4.0 like Ninja Gaiden 3!!! Ouch!!!
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BI0RAPTOR  +   1422d ago
Looking forward to playing this on Friday,
on a side note I do not understand how or why some people place there faith into buying a game or not based on the review.
I have my own mind and buy a game because I like it not because someone say`s its good or bad.
BI0RAPTOR  +   1422d ago
Every game as its faults but I am buying this because it will give me a different perspective into the Resident Evil 2 and 3 story.
I love anything to do with regards to resident Evil.
This may be a bad thing or good thing but its my choice not some others opinion telling me what I should do or not do.
esemce  +   1422d ago
This is nothing like a resi game trust me ign are correct on this one.
BI0RAPTOR  +   1422d ago
OK its not a block buster but honestly is it all that bad?
Peoples opinions differ,I'm in two minds now and I never go on reviews never.
Been looking forward to this for so long and now its feels like its getting taken away from me Arrr IGN.
esemce  +   1422d ago
BS score this sh1t is poor.
Tokyo_reject  +   1422d ago
Havent played yet cause I cant, but there's only one thing i want to know. Im not looking for someone who started playing Resident Evil titles when RE4 came, I want someone who has played RE Directors cut when only RE 1 and 0 were out, a TRUE RE fan who will even play resident evil gaiden and like it. That being said....What do you think about this game?????
BI0RAPTOR  +   1422d ago
I would class myself a veteran Resi fan friend,I have played every Resi game that as come out be it on the cube thre PS Xbox and Wii,
I will still let my pre order run and come Friday I will play this game with my expectations low and anything else will be a bonus.
Toster  +   1422d ago
save ur money and rent it! The game isnt good. Then if ur a collector like me wait till it's selling for $10 then buy it to add it to the collection
Soldierone  +   1422d ago
With that being said, don't expect Resident Evil. Basically you will get some memories from the earlier games and some nostalgia basically, but it isn't Resident evil. No other way to put it.

Its basically just Socom in the Resident Evil environment. This isn't a bad thing, just don't expect Resident Evil when you put the game in and you will be fine. Its a decent game other than that.
BI0RAPTOR  +   1422d ago
Thanks friend..Finally a little bit of positivity.

Also I am in no doubt this will not be a full blown Resi game although I am intrigued and I think it looks OK.
Toster  +   1422d ago
I am a true fan! Own every single title and all the movies on Blu Ray and I had high hopes for this game. I will try to at least play through the whole game but it's hard. Ive only played 30min and I had to shut it off. It's that bad. If ur a big RE fan like me then just rent it if u can afford to rent a game that u will be upset with the creators. Feels nothing like a RE game. Feels like a crappy 3rd person shooter with glitches, bad graphics and terrible controls
SaffronCurse  +   1422d ago
I purchased the Special Edition pack, im having a blast with it so far, the controls are pretty tight and the games atmosphere is awesome.
sandman224  +   1422d ago
I picked it up in the a.m. This game is worth the buy. It's like socom but sci fi
SaffronCurse  +   1422d ago
Confrontation­­­ ;>Socom4
sandman224  +   1422d ago
Socom 4
KidMakeshift  +   1422d ago
So many mediocre games lately :(
Awesome_Gamer  +   1422d ago
I played the game.. Its a pretty medicore game i gave it 6/10
#17 (Edited 1422d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Blastoise  +   1422d ago
Lifes too short to play mediocre games, and something tells me this game is closer to the 4-6/10s than it is to the 8/10s

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