iPad: Apple's Trojan Horse

Apple's readying for the next console war with its new iPad

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Rageanitus2042d ago

sure.... if you enjoy playing games on touch screens without tactile feeling.

The truth is ppl who buy ipads and smartphones do not buy it as a gaming device. If that were the case we would see alot of advertisements along the lines of "plays well on this game" "top gpu for gaming" etc etc

_Aarix_2042d ago

Have you ever played chaos rings 2, ghost trick, real racing, 9mm, world of goo, final fantasy tactics or death rally? No? Didnt think so.

dark-hollow2042d ago

Its have a great catalog of games but to say it directly compete with consoles is just flat out crazy!

dark-hollow2042d ago

The iPad is a gaming device as much as my TI calculator.

svoulis2042d ago

These articles crack me up. Really? The day gamers decide to stop playing consoles and switch to all touch screen micro/mini games. Is the day Gamers will stop being gamers.

majiebeast2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

People didnt want to buy a 599$ console what makes these *journalists* think they would wanna buy a 599$ IPAD to play infinity blade 2,Zynga and gameloft games? Ipad is a overpiced hipster thing.

wumster2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Not trying to bash, but I take my tablet with me everywhere I go. I can do a lot more with my tablet than my consoles. I do a lot of productive things with it and play some pretty good games at the same time. It allows me to go places with my family , and still be productive and at the same time be a gamer.

Not saying its the best device for gaming, but please don't count it out. Games cost a lot of money to dev and tablets and smartphones tend to be an outlet to control cost.

I don't think consoles will ever go away, because if you read the article, it talks about Apple TV and a Google tv box. Those are essentially consoles right? I don't see consoles leaving, but too many industry leaders are saying the same thing about this topic.

mcstorm2042d ago

I kind of agree with you here on the tablets do a lot more than home consoles and this is a part of the reason why the 3DS and PSV do more then videos at a lower price than the Ipad. But I only see one device that could kill hand held consoles and that would be a high end windows 8 tablet as it could have better graphics than a PSV and also have full games running on it like has been shown in the past but it will also do what the Ipad will do and a lot more as it is not a mobile OS. I still don't see windows tablets killing of handheld devices though just like pc games have not killed of home consoles but I can see it killing off Android and IOS tablets.

CommonSenseGamer2042d ago

Because most households that have consoles also have tablet devices. Why buy both when in the future 1 type of device will suffice.

On the move its a tablet, when docked at home it becomes your full media hub allowing you to browse on your tv, view movies and play games using wireless controllers.

Multi purpose devices are with us now and they are only set to improve.

gtxgamer22042d ago

its not a console, its a tablet.

Jag-T10002042d ago

Unless Apple comes out with their own console it will never enter the war with Wii,360,& PS3. There's a strict "no tablets allowed" law in effect.

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The story is too old to be commented.