The Walking Dead Trailer released

Telltale Games have finally released a full trailer for upcoming title The Walking Dead

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VanillaBear1977d ago

Not really liking the art style, I know it suits the comics but after seeing the tv series I would of liked to see a realistic style for the game.

I hope we get to play as Rick in this, I hate it when developers take a TV series or film and then give us a new character.

Nitrowolf21976d ago

This looks like a completely different group.

I think the TV show did an excellent job with adding new characters not in the comics,so who know what will happen with this one.

I only wish it was from another developer as I don't think I would like telltale style of gameplay for a Walking Dead game.

Grap1976d ago

although they add a new characters they removed allot in the TV show.. TV show does not follow the Comic too much and allot of Events either removed or add to the script. i hope in the game follow the comic story i know they said it but who knows.

grailly1976d ago

I know people on this site tend to hate on IGN but they have an interview with one of the writers on their up at noon show, it's quite interesting. basically, it's another group with a bit a crossover with the comic book characters

LycanGav1977d ago

You definitely DO NOT get to play as Rick, sorry.

ElasticLove1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

I wonder if Michonne is in this game.

solidboss1976d ago

tell tale games sucks! if they wanted to do a TWD game they should of chose a better developer while the style doesnt bother me too much its the "episodic content" and gameplay that does. remember these are the same ppl who did jurassic park and back to the future....what awesome games they were (sarcasm)

LycanGav1976d ago

Also the same folks who did Sam and Max. Swings and roundabouts.

MagicAccent1976d ago

I see you're new here, solidboss. Welcome to the world of gaming before last year.

solidboss1976d ago

new here? um did you even check my profile to see when it was created? as for them being the same people who did sam and max that personally isnt my type of game tried it didnt like it didnt understand the fuss over it. i just dont see how a company thrives with a "point and click" genre
when it feels so outdated...i guess its an acquired tasted but in a world like walking dead wouldn't you as a gamer want to gave the CONTROL over your characters and decisions? this company just is NOT the right choice for TWD

Emilio_Estevez1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

You got a bunch of disagrees for that, but I agree. I'm hoping they make this game with different mechanics that the last few. It's just not for me. I got Sam and Max, and Jurassic Park, but just couldn't finish them. The style of gameplay is too old.

Son_Lee1976d ago

Should be more like Dead Island meets The Last of Us.

Kingdom Come1976d ago

Erm, you haven't even seen The Last of Us Gameplay yet...

Son_Lee1976d ago

I mean the style of The Last of Us. Post-apocalyptic with nature growing in the cities. Dead Island for gameplay, with or without RPG elements.

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