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Sakaguchi: JRPGs promote story over player freedom

“A lot of western RPGs focus on creating a world and award the player a great deal of freedom in it, instead of focusing on a story. I think the interest in Japanese RPGs is divided based on how people feel about that difference in style,” Sakaguchi told Nintendo Gamer, via CVG. (Industry, JRPG)

Ranma1  +   1232d ago
I would love to know his opinion in the decline of the series he created.

Toriyama on FF13:

“He[Toriyama] also believes that it becomes very difficult to tell a compelling story when the player is given a huge amount of freedom to explore.”

Even then FF13's story turned out one of the worst in the series. How did that happen?
Snookies12  +   1232d ago
It happened because the people over at Enix are idiots these days... They're so out of touch with the series, because a lot of the people who actually worked on the "good" Final Fantasy games aren't the ones doing it any longer.

I will definitely take story over freedom ANY DAY. Story and music are the most crucial pieces in my opinion, without those, the game has no soul at all.
Greyfoxdbz  +   1231d ago
Why are people saying that you can't have freedom AND story. It's certainly less strict but it doesn't degrade the story. Arkham city has freedom, and the game is amazing. Iv'e never played the mass effect series but I hear that it's also very good. Also story can be incorporated into the freedom and provide a richer experience than being force fed a plot.
It's just an excuse to justify the incompetence of some developers.
NewMonday  +   1231d ago
you can have it both ways like with bio-ware(before DA2 and ME3)

and the the MegaTen games are JRPGs with great stories AND choice
SpoonyRedMage  +   1232d ago
He was asked about FFXIII and says he hasn't played it. He previously said the only game he played whilst making The Last Story was Xenoblade.
Kamikaze135  +   1232d ago
Still better than FFVIII, imo.

On topic:

I think the people at SE don't bother to fully think things though. They were able to give us big environments before....why not now? Hell, even niche and great games like the Tales series are able to do it....and Namco Bandai put less money into those games and I'm sure have a lot less people working on them. I think SE are just experimenting and blaming everybody but themselves for their failed experiments.
Wolfbiker  +   1231d ago
Why are linear environments a negative thing? books and movies are as linear as you get but people are immersed into them more so than anything...in order to tell a truly emotional story the player must be told it without control. example: if you have a choice between character a dying or character b dying that means that both characters are ultimately meaningless because they are not essential to the test of the plot..if the player wanted to he could easily reset the game and chose a different path with a different scene but then their is conflict on what to believe in....if a player had the sense of helplessness then he is forced to feel a certain emotion toward the result of the story....I hope I explained this right but in short.....no one remembers the plot of the "choose your own path books" more than they remember a great novel. However they both are still entertaining and have an audience.
NewMonday  +   1231d ago

under Wada decisions are made using "market research"
NewMonday  +   1231d ago

no problem, it depends on how the game is set-up.

but its not true that options mean less impact-full story, recently playing Catherine i gave every question and choice serious consideration because they matter and impact my character and those around him.
Shivan  +   1231d ago
The genres in decline? news to me

1) More japanese rpgs are being developed than ever

2) more systems than ever

3) for more people than ever ( proof of why 15 year old japanese rpgs people have been wanting for that long are getting localized)
Redempteur  +   1231d ago
Ranma is a FF troll

Don't waste your time answering him ..

I haven't forgot how he spammed every ff13-2 article even when he hasn't played the damn game.
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Frankfurt  +   1232d ago
Funny, considering WRPGs have far better writing than JRPGs.
Hicken  +   1231d ago
And then you woke up.
LightofDarkness  +   1231d ago
I wouldn't say far better, but they pertain to more mature themes and characters in general. It's not too uncommon for things to get lost in translation as well. I can prefer either at different times, but I've been more inclined to enjoy a Western RPG's yarn lately.
Shivan  +   1231d ago
He is exactly right. Not to mention japanese rpgs use different battle systems, art styles, worlds, and other things that make them a genre I cant live without.

Oh and also this is not an east vs west thing........he didnt make those comments to say 1 was superior.......he just said what he saw in terms of strength
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Wolfbiker  +   1231d ago
I have never encountered a western rpg that delivers an emotional story quite like jrpgs due

Not to say I won't, I just haven't yet.
_Aarix_  +   1231d ago
This is one reason why I have and love my xbox. Lost odyssey, blue dragon, last remnant and final fantasy 13.
Wolfbiker  +   1231d ago
The only thing is the jrpg audience is predominantly on playstation...therefore those games never reached they're intended market, therefore those games suffered in sales....lost odyssey is my favorite jrpg this generation but not many people played it.

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