Mortal Kombat Vita has hidden MK3 costumes for Rain, Ermac

Product-Reviews writes: The Vita version also appears to bring some exclusive costumes for some of the characters as well. Pause at 0.23 and you’ll see a brand new costume for Kenshi which isn’t currently available on console. Perhaps more exciting for MK veterans, if you watch closely you’ll also see that NetherRealm Studios has teased classic MK3 costumes for Ermac and Rain, which look particularly awesome.

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danswayuk2255d ago

Loved this game on the PS3 and cannot wait for the Vita version, although we need a discount for owning the PS3 version.

Snookies122255d ago

To be fair it IS only $39.99 new (unless it's Uncharted standards which is $49.99 for some unknown reason), so... I consider not having to pay 60 bucks again the discount lol! Plus it has a LOT of new content with all the extra challenges, characters, costumes and whatnot. Just think how much it would cost for those things as DLC and the price will seem just fine. XD

Captain Qwark 92255d ago

looks to improve upon the original which was already one of last years best games

LOL_WUT2255d ago

Shao kahn playable? Nice

tr00p3r2255d ago

Bring back brutalities

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