Five ways Western developers school Japan

The Japanese gaming industry has received some pretty harsh criticism recently, specifically from Phil Fish - the mind behind the upcoming indie game Fez - who candidly remarked that Japanese games "suck". Ed wrote a piece not long ago discussing the unique brilliance that Japanese games bring to consoles, and how they should be proud of their roots instead of bowing to the norms of the west. That said, the western market clearly has its own set of strengths, but what exactly makes a great Western game? Whereabouts do America and Europe pull away from Japan? What do they do so well that encourages Japanese developers to break from their traditions?

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tehpees32257d ago

I think people are way too hard on Japanese developers. IMO Hyperdimension Neptunia is the best game on PS3.

Baka-akaB2257d ago

Even with "imo" , i can't take the last part seriously . no offense intended . But to each their own ... something OXM and the western media doesnt get

Simon_Brezhnev2257d ago

Their pretty wrong about the emotion and soundtrack part.

Baka-akaB2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

1. Only and mostly if you only care about shooters . I've yet to see the western world school them over fighting games multiplayer ... nor mp rpgs and mmos .
Different focus ? you know ?

2. Debatable and reeking of biased BS like the rest of the article . Mainstream titles are mainstream aimed , so it's no wonder the range of emotions would be the same as any dumb blockbuster movies , be it in the west , or big animes too for the east .

Let's stop pretending the common western game got the depth and range of emotion of an heavy rain , mass effect instead of the usual spacemarines or modern warrior stuff .

3. I could concede that one , but when it counts stuff like Mario kart and Gran turismo are easily as good , if not better . Just a rare breed obviously

4. I'm not sure where you went with that one . For every brilliant Jeremy Soul score , there is some clone of everything hollywood . I guess you've never heard of the likes of Kajirua yuki , yokko Kanno , Uematsu , Mitsuda , Motoi , megaten and persona's Shoji meguro ?

There is a whole list of celebs in the jrpg genre alone that fans do knows and remember . in the Western side ? how many can quote more than Jeremy Soul and Harry gregson williams ? There are plenty of note obviously , i'm just half kidding .

But truthfully this reek of someone yet again not being fan of eastern media than some lack

5. Sure . But when it counts the very few open worlds titles from the west are still excellent and easy to rank among the top . Like the shenmue and yakuza series

caseh2257d ago

@ Baka-akaB

4. You missed Yuzo Koshiro, my personal fav. :D

Baka-akaB2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Yeah and plenty others . But i just find ludicrous the claims that Japan , or even korea , need schooling in game ost .

Like their music or not , but their music industry is actually far most invested in the games and anime media , than the western music industry , saves sports games and music themed titles .

Even a "mere beat them all" like Sengoku basara shows flair for music dramatics in its opening alone .

For "one linking park" doing a cod or moh tune ... you get most major japanese and korean current star doing games intros or outros . Aside from the rich panel of game composers

caseh2257d ago

I would take the whole article with a pinch of sale. Soon as I read up to the part where 'Phil Fish' of upcoming Indie game Fez who candidly remakred japanese games 'suck' I just chuckled to myself.

Stealth2k2257d ago

I think all of those are fair aside from emotion

But then the list in which japan triumps

is fighting, puzzle, action adventure, rpg, platformer

Moncole2257d ago

There are so much more western games than Japanese games. if you want to compare them compare games made in America to games made in Japan.

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