PBS: 'Mario is the world's greatest piece of surrealist art'

PBS recently presented an interesting video on the Super Mario franchise and its state as an art form. According to the network, "Super Mario Bros. is the world's greatest piece of surrealist art."

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LX-General-Kaos2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Mario is the worlds greatest piece of art. Which is not surprising at all considering that its a Nintendo exclusive franchise. Nintendo has proven that for as long as Nintendo has been around, which is a very very long time.

The only other game that can compete with Mario on that regard is The Legend of Zelda franchise. Another Nintendo AAA exclusive franchise that has been dominating its genre since the very beginning.

Both of Mario and Zelda franchise have played a major role in why Nintendo is the number 1 gaming company today. People worldwide can easily spot beautiful art work when they see it.

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live2play2039d ago

you should get reggis job
...unless... you are reggie
:l :o :0 :O xO

dark-hollow2039d ago

I think mario is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills goombas and doesn't afraid of anything.

come_at_me_bro2039d ago


It's a good game though.

Young_ART2039d ago

I honestly think Halo is the best work of art. If it weren't for halo franchises like Call of duty, Quake, Doom, and battlefield wouldn't exist. Halo really paved the way for first person shooters, therefore Halo is an icon.

the only reason anyone even knows who "Mario" is is because of ron jeremy.

NukaCola2039d ago

Quake and Doom came first

rezzah2039d ago

They are talking about not only in terms of surrealism, but influence of the idea for surrealism in future video games.

Halo might have influenced the FPS genre, but not close enough when compared to how the COD series has influenced many other genres outside the FPS.

Prime example is perk system, COD made it popular (probably introduced it too), now many MP modes have perks.

MrKingofVideoGames2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Nintendo police alert-

Hey! Mario doesn't "spit" fire!

ChickeyCantor2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

And he doesn't eat the flower, he touches it.

ignorantsonsof_2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

There needs to be a Troll King contest.
Edit: I know it would be horrible, but sometimes they're genuinely funny due to the sheer absurdity of their statements.

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