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Darksiders 2: & Contending For Top Action/Adventure.

Vigil’s upcoming sequel to their Revelation inspired game Darksiders, has the series looking like it could have some lasting appeal. The first game had so many concepts packed into one, that its overall value didn’t equal the sum of its parts. Featuring every influence from Zelda to God of War, Darksiders was able to solidify its position in the industry as good action adventure game, but not a great one. Vigil’s belief in the franchise has them pushing the limits with Darksiders (Darksiders 2, PC, PS3, Vigil Games, Xbox 360)

Voxelman  +   1302d ago
I hope it delivers, I liked the first game but there is plenty of room to improve. Darksiders II looks to bigger and better in every way so far, I just hope their ambition doesn't get the better of them.

that and THQ need a hit desperately, and not just a minor hit which turns a profit.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1301d ago
i didn't think there was much room for improvement, i consider darksiders to be one of the best action games ive ever played. it certaintly tops god of war, ninja gaiden, dmc, and most others imo.. it had everything from excellent combat to puzzles, to exploration to variety ( turrets, horse riding, platforming ), to a good story. very good in every way. the changes they're making for the sequel do look to improve it though and hopefully give it an identity thats truly unique so peeps will stop comparing

for me, it may be tied with batman and god of war 2 ( better than 1/3 though ) and just slightly not as good as dark souls
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