BioWare Cannot Cave-In to the Vocal Minority

Joel Taveras writes "If last week proved anything, it’s that Mass Effect fans are among the most passionate in the industry. Following an ending to Mass Effect 3 that didn’t sit too well with long time fans, those same players took to the Bioware forums to let their anger be known. While some made civil arguments and legitimate pleas for a new ending, others threatened to boycott the studio stating that they had been lied by the developer about what was expected in the final entry of the series."

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JonahFalcon2190d ago

Er... sales have plummeted on ME3 thanks to the negative word of mouth.

I'd say that wasn't a vocal MINORITY.

Hovis2190d ago

3.5 million in sales

14k angry fans on the Bioware forums.

I'd say that on the internet that was a vocal MAJORITY.

I'd also say that those people was a vocal MINORITY OVERALL.


Chuk52190d ago

Plummeted, lol.
It sold over 2 million first week. clearly you have been in the vocal minority too long to realize that they are doing just fine.

ninjahunter2190d ago

Considering how much marketing they did, I would think that their sale should have been better.

Baka-akaB2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

The Bioware defense front and knights are fooling themselves . Bioware isnt caving in , they just planned to release post end and new ending contents no matter what .

Stop clutching to some "i'm glad they are sticking to their guns and creative vision" posture , wich wasnt there to begin with , and wont be there .

Stop shifting the blame on some vocal minority for something they already had in mind . The only unexpected thing for them was probably the amount of backlash for once .

pbasson2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Last I checked more people hated the ending than liked it. From where I see it that isnt Vocal Minority, if its a majority got a problem with it.

If they didnt want all his hassle from gamers, why make a bullshit/incomplete ending with day one DLC.

soundslike2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

more like the people who dont like the ending ganged up super quick that ANY contradicting opinion is met with hostile defenses or someone "playing the victim", to the point where its not even worth trying to have a discussion about it.

Internet hivemind example: 10023124

--Onilink--2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

im sorry, but i dont recall any hostile defenses against people who liked the ending...certainly not from the majority of people, only some kids with no manners like the ones who were making problems on twitter i might not understand why you liked it... but its your opinion, the only hostile things that have happened are this types of article where we are attacked for voicing our discontent TO BIOWARE, especially with the now so famous word "entitled", its like they cant even use a dictionary to look for a synonym, they all have to use the same word...

002190d ago

ha ha, mac Walter the lead writer of ME3 and Casey Hudson purposely made the ending what it is to cause fan speculation at the last minute(and it would explain all the nonsense at the end)

Noticeably_FAT2190d ago

I think Bioware is too busy counting the millions of dollars from their best selling game to date to be bothered by worrying about what a bunch of nerds thought.

It was an ending that Bioware picked, it was their game and story to do with as they wanted.

It wasn't perfect, but I can think of 100's of other games/movies that had worse endings.

Cant wait to see what Bioware does next.

Captain Qwark 92190d ago

agreed although i actually think its one of the best game endings ive evere seen lol, it had a couple hole sbut nothing i cant just brush off

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The story is too old to be commented.