David Braben: ‘pre-owned has killed core games’

David Braben has attacked the used games market, lamenting the impact that it has on developers, claiming “pre-owned has really killed core games.”

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MostJadedGamer2075d ago

Well its develoers responsibility to make single player games with enough depth, length, and replay value so players keep them for a while.

If theie is no reason to keep playing then of course gamers are going to trade there game back in.

Ulf2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Right... that's why everyone holds onto their paperback copy of War & Peace, so they can re-read it someday.

There are only a few genres that are truly replayable. Strategy, for example (like Civilization), or open ended sims like Pirates or The Sims. Sports and racing would qualify, if it weren't for the annual re-releases (which is a problem created by the publisher, not the consumer, IMO).

Ironically, Braben created another one of these replayable genres early on in his career -- the "space trader" genre. He co-authored Elite. Elite was one of the MOST replayable games ever to *exist*. If its co-creator says used copies were an issue, then they *were*.

morganfell2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

I think it would do some good for some of the wild claims people to use Copyright Math. It will debunk their screaming to reveal the reason people aren't buying their products isn't piracy but rather they aren't being purchased because the truth is they are worthless pieces of crap.

I do not care how hard they worked on a product, crap is crap. Most people that pirate an item wouldn't have bought it legally anyway.

This TED video from Rob Reid shows you how something taken at face value due to remarks by the entertainment industry is actually a load of horse dump.

Kleptic2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

but it still undermines market saturation...imo price more than anything is the problem...In 'normal' markets, price is used to counter competition...and unlike 10 years ago...competition in gaming is higher than ever...

but price, just keeps going up?...EVERY game is $60 new (or at least major retail games)...which is the primary quality, replayability, amount of content, given no bearing on other markets, the price is used to illustrate 'what you are getting'...the games industry has NEVER figured that out yet...

developers and publishers can whine all they want about used game sales...but until they start releasing titles with prices to justify what you are actually getting...used game sales will be a big part of purchasing decisions...

So instead of adjusting prices to a point where it makes sense for us (how about $40 for a single player only game?)...the industry is just trying to push out used sales entirely...

and guess what? won't work...and devs/publishers are still going to complain about below target sales...

'but making video games is expensive'...its a hell of a lot cheaper than making movies...and the movie industry has NO problem releasing new titles at different price points to illustrate the amount of content on the disc...for A LOT cheaper than a new video game...and still making A LOT more money?...

nothing hurts game sales more than near sighted and archaic price points and business models...its a 'young' entertainment division in that sense, is the only one using this structure, and even in 'hard times' the ONLY one struggling...

Christopher2075d ago

***It will debunk their screaming to reveal the reason people aren't buying their products isn't piracy but rather they aren't being purchased because the truth is they are worthless pieces of crap. ***

You're making the same generalized remarks as the companies.

I know a lot of people who pirated ME3, some of them on N4G. Based on the scores and sales, I would hardly call it a worthless piece of crap. But, they pirated it anyway.

The fact remains is that the reasons are many. For some, it's about not giving money to certain companies; others about getting the best price, free; and others it's about trying out games.

What can't be ever determined is how it affects sales. There is no way to determine it. But, that doesn't mean it should be ignored. Far from. Ignoring such a figure as a business will lead them to failing to develop the business to meet the demands of the gamers so they do buy their games.

Unfortunately, I would have to agree with what I assume will come along as a reply, and that is that the businesses have instead worked towards forcing gamers to buy new rather than meeting their demands for new games. I would have to say that in a lot of cases, some gamers demands can never be reached and they will always go the free route.

Frankfurt2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

People aren't buying core titles because they are crap?

So games like Bayonetta, Killzone series, Resistance series, Vanquish, God Hand are all crap because they didn't sell?


Newsflash: Games like Halo and Skyrim aside, most of the best-selling games are in the "average" end of the spectrum, and the really awesome titles struggle to sell even 1 million copies. Come back to the real world.

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cyborg69712075d ago

Make a good product, and quit price gouging us at 60 bucks a game.

Christopher2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Even good products get pirated, though.

Pretty much the only way to not get your game pirated in this day and age is to either put it out on consoles only or make it so that the main element of gameplay is done online.

A developer can produce a 200+ hour game that gets high scores across the board, but hundreds of thousands of people will still pirate it if they can.

I'm not saying this to support methods that are supposed to prevent piracy (especially not DRM), but I'm just saying that it's not that simple. Far from, unfortunately.

As far as price, I haven't paid more than $50 for a game new in the last two years with game deals, and games tend to hit the $30 price range after a few months unless they're major releases that are still selling a few thousand each week. Perhaps people should just be more patient?

Stealth2k2075d ago

who is this guy? a nobody who is jealous that nobody remembers anything he ever did gamewise

Ulf2075d ago


As I stated above, the guy co-created Elite. If you don't know what Elite is, I can't help you. No one can.

Kleptic2075d ago

that space trading thing? all relevant? 90% of people currently buying video games probably don't know what that is...and it doesn't all...

Alos882074d ago

You sounded pretty elitist there, Ulf.

StanSmith2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Pre-owned has killed core games? Give me an effin break!

YOU developers and YOUR publishers are killing core games by your nickel and dime tactics. Tactics like locking content on discs until we pay for an unlock key. Tactics like Day 1 DLC! Tactics like rehashing sequel after sequel with very little improvement.

Lazy & Greedy developers/publishers are killing core titles. I'm sick of hearing developers playing the victim card. When they screw us, they don't give a damn but we should suddenly shed a tear for them. Give me a break!

Flavor2075d ago

Hate them all you want, games are more popular than ever. They must be doing something right.

Farsendor12075d ago

i haven't bought one used game im a pc gamer.

T3MPL3TON 2075d ago

Waaaaaa, nobody wants to spend $60 on our shitty game! Waaaa!

Start making better games and we'll start buying them day one. Plain and simple.

The excuse of oh well we need day one purchases in order to do that doesn't apply, when every game out there has DLC.

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