MW3 1st DLC content collection released tomorrow for 1200 MSP

Microsoft's Xbox 360 will be getting the first content collection DLC for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. It will cost 1200 Microsoft Points for all 6 total maps.

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Dlacy13g2037d ago

6 maps at 1200 pts honestly not that bad of a price considering what we have seen in the past.

dark-hollow2036d ago

Battlefield 3 did the same thing for the same price and all the content was on the disk!!!

But its not activision so its ooook!

AusRogo2036d ago

Back to Karkand wasnt on the disk.

SKUD2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Expensive. Games should come with a cost of ownership rating.

R1CAN6172036d ago

You really only get 4 maps 2 are spec ops missions & those spec ops missions are short!

blinkingfast2036d ago

6 total maps 4 of which can be played on spec ops survival and MP mode. the other 2 are spec ops missions. black ice is bigger then all the other DLC MP maps combined. not only that but spec op missions take more time to make then a MP map. so you are getting more bang for your buck for sure.

love the spec ops missions