RipTen Dojo: The Tournament

This week in RipTen Dojo, we talk about the concept of tournaments, how they help players and communities alike, what to expect at your first tournament, and why you should be going to more of them.

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Shadowauthor2256d ago

I've always wanted to go to a tournament. One of these days I hopefully will get the chance.

greeneggsnsam2256d ago

There's none anywhere near me, it's so hard to find them.

Cataract2256d ago

Check your online communities! Places like Shoryuken have sections devoted entirely to regional matchmaking and local tournaments.

Also, wait for next weeks piece to go up, it'll be on hosting your own tournament!

ostgar2256d ago

I are a button masher. Not sure tourney folks will appreciate getting schooled by me!

BlackjackCF2256d ago

Then you're a really GOOD button masher. My friend is a pro at fighters and owns button mashers...

ostgar2252d ago

Yeah - it was more of a sad way to admit that I suck at most fighters.