New Tekken 6 video : Asuka Vs Hwoarang

A new video where Asuka and Hwoarang battle for the Iron Fist.

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Firewire3764d ago

Its from the arcade version. This video was posted a couple months back I believe. If anything the arcade version is used to test for the PS3 version just like in the past.

You will see better graphics, better collision detection among other things when the PS3 version comes out, just like with all the previous Tekken games.

You won't see any PS3 vids till a couple months before it hits stores. The only thing we might see in advance is the PS3 version of intro cut scene, like they've done since TAG.

TrooGamer3764d ago

Refine the graphics and it will be great

tatical3764d ago

They need to tighten up the graphics. It looks just like the Tekken 5 that I downloaded. The animations could use a little work also...

gamesR4fun3764d ago

Everything is the same soooooooooo boring and I was once a hardcore tekken fan...
They just cant keep spitting out the same crap and expecting us to lap it up tho...

LOFT3163764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

They don't need a whole new Tekken 6 just put out some downloadable content out like 5 new locations 5 new characters for Tekken 5 DR cause this dont really look that much different than Tekken 5 DR

TrooGamer3764d ago

Until we play it no one knows the differences

gamesR4fun3764d ago

Look at it just look its the same freaking crap has every other tekken game nothings changed same look same moves even.

Bordel_19003764d ago

OMG flying pigs and c0cks!

titntin3764d ago

Looks like Tekken, plays like tekken!
Lets face it, they are not going to reinvent the game seeing as how popular the previous iterations have been, and this looks simialr to versions we have played before, but with a bit more polish..:)
No bad thing for me, I've alwasy enjoyed the Tekken series...
What will be very interesting is to see what efforts they put into the associated extra game modes for the home version. I've always enjoyed these extra modes and the give the game a bit more value!

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The story is too old to be commented.