IGN: Kid Icarus Uprising Review

Kid Icarus Uprising is a fantastic game full of superb action, stunning graphics and art design, incredible music (truly some of Nintendo's best), humorous dialogue and solid gameplay. Despite that, it suffers from an equal number of problems, including some very frustrating and awkward controls, a fairly repetitive level structure, characters that talk too much and action that sometimes overwhelms the 3DS's relatively small screen.

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Yi-Long1678d ago

... which is why it's a shame that it doesn't have an option to play the game with the original japanese voices.

yabhero1678d ago

Well if your not Japanese or don't speak Japanese what's the point?

AWBrawler1678d ago

I prefer my japanese games and shows with japanese audio. it's an otaku thing

yabhero1678d ago

I watch anime and stuff but i perfer dub. I really dont get fans who think the dub is horrible... no offense... sometimes it is... I cant stand how squeaky the girls sound. but for blaech and naruto i have to watch sub because theyre still dubbing

cpayne931677d ago

@yabhero You just said sometimes the dubs are horrible, a lot of times the english actors either have annoying voices, like this game for example, or they just don't convey the right amount of emotion like the japanese voice actors do. I generally perfer dubs though as long as they do a decent job of it, but there are still some animes I perfer to watch subbed.

I actually can't say exactly how I feel about these voice actors, but some of Pit's lines sound like they would get annoying. Still might get this game when I get my 3ds.

yabhero1677d ago

I never detect any emotio in Japanese... they all sound monotone or squeaky

AWBrawler1676d ago

Some dubs are well done, such as School Rumble and Fruits Basket, but they're rare for me. I hear Pokemon voice actors way too often

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Moncole1678d ago

Another great game by Masahiro Sakurai.

interrergator1677d ago

cant wait for smash bros wii u

TheDivine1677d ago

Got mine paid off already just waiting for friday. I never preorder games except a rare few and this is one. The multiplayer, graphics, bosses, art, everything looks amazing and i want a real challenge which this seems to give. Hurry up friday!

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