Thor V2 Review: "Great for new PC gamers"

Gamers Nexus: "Evolutions in PC gaming technology make staggering, industry-driving lunges forward with each passing year; somehow, though, enthusiasts continue to demand increasingly-more from hardware companies as time drones on, and luckily, they're listening.

There's an accompanying video review to the full written review, for the lazy."

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SnakeCQC1868d ago

pretty expensive case just go for a corsair 500r for 80 quid

Lelldorianx1868d ago

That's the exact same price. $130 = 81 quid.

SnakeCQC1867d ago

conversion is never that accurate when comparing pricing of the same item in different places(i looked online here and its being sold for 105 quid). I just prefer corsair cases they look expensive but not flashy and always have a full feature set.

Lelldorianx1867d ago

Oh, good point, I forgot that components tend to be much more expensive in the UK/Europe.

I prefer Cooler Master cases myself, but I am a fan of Corsair and Rosewill also. There are way too many good options lately... it's tough to choose, but that's a good thing :D

Wiiloveit1868d ago

Looks interesting, but I can't see myself using it. Great detail in the review, though!