Apple: The Future of The Gaming Industry? ('s Kieran Roycroft examines the announcement of the new iPad and Apple TV and the implications they have on the next generation of gaming.

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CommonSenseGamer2223d ago


I love the idea of a smartphone or tablet that can be docked next to your tv and it becomes a console that supports bluetooth controllers. Obviously I'm talking the future here.

BitbyDeath2223d ago

Cause those sorts of devices are not built for gaming.

Would you rather a car built for driving or a golf cart? Sure they both do the same thing at the end of the day but one is actually built specifically for being on the road.

Titanz2223d ago

It's up on their main site.

CommonSenseGamer2222d ago

Sony will sell 3 million Vitas in 4 months...if they're lucky.


for what! They will make a new model every year and if u don't up grade then ur device is no [email protected] and out of those how many where ipad2 owners? Apple is bad for gaming leave it to sony,ms and nintendo