I am Alive - PS3 Release confirmed for this Spring

Ubisoft today confirmed that I am Alive on PS3 will be released this Spring.

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tigertron2132d ago

and whats the hold up exactly?

jetlian2132d ago

MS $$$ pretty much everything in a MS xbla party comes out later on psn

THESONYPS32131d ago

Honestly I couldn't care less. The game isn't that good and I am alive will kick it's ass!

r212131d ago

this sucks, i really wanted to play I Am Alive on the ps3. at least ill be able to save up some money till then.

DigitalRaptor2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

So "I Am Alive" will kick its own ass? O_o

Daver2131d ago


It seems so loll

jetlian2131d ago

its decent for 15 bucks ... add better combat next time with knife

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Awesome_Gamer2131d ago

Micro$oft paid them money $$$

GribbleGrunger2131d ago

isn't it about time we gamers boycotted these games? whilst we still flock to buy them, these devs will continue to take microsoft's money. i for one will not buy this or any other game that is bought to be delayed.

SnakeCQC2132d ago

i hope they release this game on pc the climbing energy bar thing goes down tooo quickly for my liking and bullets are too rare and the game doesn't look that great on the 360.