Stunning Battlefield 3 fan made "64 Player Mayhem" teaser footage

Want to have a look at how 64 players mayhem looks in Battlefield 3?, watch the teaser trailer of fan made video showing of Battlefield 3 "64 Player Mayhem". Its really an awesome teaser.

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elmaton981800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

lol like that gonna work but man 64 for people playing at the same time and here i am stuck with 24 people on console.

ninjahunter1800d ago

And now i wish i had more than 3 friends that were also PC gamers.

ATi_Elite1800d ago

Dude go to a Lan party and make some friends!

PC Gamers are out there (over 250 million world wide)!

If anything just convert some of your console friends to the PC.........I did!

GamingManiac1799d ago

I've been converted into a hybrid :D lol