TLR: Playstation Vita Video Review

"Mo Chocolate gives a very thorough Review on Sony’s Newest Handheld: The PlayStation Vita. The tester vet also demonstrates game-play footage from Rayman Origins. Find out the Pros and Cons from the only source that looks out for the people’s pockets." TLR


The Console Review

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DaThreats2092d ago

I like this guy!
Missed this dude

MySwordIsHeavenly2092d ago

I think I prefer Less Chocolate...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2092d ago

I think yo u prefer less bubbles!!!!!!! >=(

lol jk

MySwordIsHeavenly2092d ago

He's just so annoying though... I mean, seriously. He's terrible.

Allowen2092d ago

I liked the "special effects" he put on his PSVita 's video review.
Good job man.

CommonSenseGamer2092d ago

Its a pitty good reviews don't equate to stronger sales. Vita seems to be a solid product but with limited appeal, especially at its current RRP.

bacrec12092d ago

Yeah I really enjoy mine. Looking forward to Sony's IPs.

Redcrimson1012092d ago

Bad review. Who the he'll does a review with some lame guy in the background talking about give me the vita? I seen the guy in the baground more than the psp itself. SMH.

bacrec12092d ago

Its was clearly a joke you goddamn goof.

The real Colombian2092d ago

Wow ...bad review? Naw, more like inbred dumb ass with no sense of humor. Is this really how you waste your turn on the trailer park pc? By trolling articles with humor your simple so called brain can't process. Don't bother responding neither , I refuse to waste anymore time on some body who's parents are obviously related.

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