Street Fighter X Tekken on-disc content will reportedly cost over $100 to unlock

Venture Beat "The 12 characters will cost $20 and will be made available much later this year after the Vita version is released (which includes them for free). The alternate costumes, however, will run $1 a pop each, eventually adding up to an alleged $100 worth of DLC (50 characters with two extra costumes each). Some gems and colors will be unlocked for free, but there are still quite a bit more than are currently unaccounted for in Capcom’s plans."

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Optical_Matrix2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

InB4 anti-Capcom Warriors, N4G Squadron....Capcom, all my money. All of it!

@Sony do Online Passes, EA does on disc DLC, Microsoft charges for online gaming, something that free everywhere else. Every publisher, save for what, Valve?...fleece their customers of money. Fact.

vortis2258d ago

I'm never going to disagree with anyone that this is an industry wide disease.

Different companies find various ways to loophole the trust of gamers for extra coin. I find it sad that even I have fallen victim to these loopholes out of my love for gaming.

I think this Capcom thing NEEDS to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. And I hope dearly that gamers wake up and see that it's not just Capcom aiming to nickel and dime but most big pubs and the ones orchestrating all of this mess is actuall MS and Sony with their patching fees, retail gouging and royalty propaganda.

I just hope gamers can stop arguing and bickering with each other to take this kind of information and use it to fight against the very companies trying to milk them dry.

Our wallets aren't utters and gamers need to fight this trend from Capcom to EA and from EA to Activision, and from Activion to Sony, and from Sony to MS and everyone else in between. Sadly, I doubt this will happen.

Solid_Snake372258d ago

True, it's just that capcom doesn't try to hide it

Kyosuke_Sanada2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Bubbles for that the well thought out post. You pretty much hit the nail on the head.

I believe if gamers just managed to make at least one of the companies back down from their methods permanently, the inspiration would cause even more consumers to fight back against the others. If the hatred is just focused on Capcom and victory is achieved yet no one follows up after that and attack the others, it would be a waste of time....

40cal2257d ago

@ vortis


Its bad business, Ive seen it going on for years now, but as long as people keep buying the industry will keep selling.

The masses just fail as consumers sometimes.

We speak to these guys with our wallets people.

360GamerFG2258d ago

Yes and everybody complains about them all, why should Capcom get a free pass?

egidem2258d ago

"Street Fighter X Tekken on-disc content will reportedly cost over $100 to unlock"

BDSE2258d ago

This has to be the most idiotic comment on this subject that I've seen.

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rebirthofcaos2258d ago

wow, that why I havent purchase any game from them, they are like activision, apple, let them die.

coolasj2258d ago

Bandai of America ( at least the anime division ) has proven that you can die if people aren't buying your products.

rezzah2258d ago

Should not be surprising as in Canada prices are like like $20 more than in the states.

I usually find the cheapest offers from sellers in the US.

Nyxus2258d ago

This is a shame. I like Capcom a lot, I like their games, but these business practices need to stop.

unknownhero11232258d ago

it won't unless people vote with their wallet.

h311rais3r2258d ago

Someone please take legal action against on disc dlc!

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