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Street Fighter X Tekken on-disc content will reportedly cost over $100 to unlock

Venture Beat "The 12 characters will cost $20 and will be made available much later this year after the Vita version is released (which includes them for free). The alternate costumes, however, will run $1 a pop each, eventually adding up to an alleged $100 worth of DLC (50 characters with two extra costumes each). Some gems and colors will be unlocked for free, but there are still quite a bit more than are currently unaccounted for in Capcom’s plans." (PC, PS Vita, PS3, Street Fighter x Tekken, Xbox 360)

Optical_Matrix  +   1262d ago
InB4 anti-Capcom Warriors, N4G Squadron....Capcom, all my money. All of it!

@Sony do Online Passes, EA does on disc DLC, Microsoft charges for online gaming, something that free everywhere else. Every publisher, save for what, Valve?...fleece their customers of money. Fact.
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vortis  +   1262d ago
I'm never going to disagree with anyone that this is an industry wide disease.

Different companies find various ways to loophole the trust of gamers for extra coin. I find it sad that even I have fallen victim to these loopholes out of my love for gaming.

I think this Capcom thing NEEDS to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. And I hope dearly that gamers wake up and see that it's not just Capcom aiming to nickel and dime but most big pubs and the ones orchestrating all of this mess is actuall MS and Sony with their patching fees, retail gouging and royalty propaganda.

I just hope gamers can stop arguing and bickering with each other to take this kind of information and use it to fight against the very companies trying to milk them dry.

Our wallets aren't utters and gamers need to fight this trend from Capcom to EA and from EA to Activision, and from Activion to Sony, and from Sony to MS and everyone else in between. Sadly, I doubt this will happen.
Solid_Snake37  +   1262d ago
True, it's just that capcom doesn't try to hide it
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1262d ago
Bubbles for that the well thought out post. You pretty much hit the nail on the head.

I believe if gamers just managed to make at least one of the companies back down from their methods permanently, the inspiration would cause even more consumers to fight back against the others. If the hatred is just focused on Capcom and victory is achieved yet no one follows up after that and attack the others, it would be a waste of time....
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40cal  +   1261d ago
@ vortis


Its bad business, Ive seen it going on for years now, but as long as people keep buying the industry will keep selling.

The masses just fail as consumers sometimes.

We speak to these guys with our wallets people.
360GamerFG  +   1262d ago
Yes and everybody complains about them all, why should Capcom get a free pass?
egidem  +   1262d ago
"Street Fighter X Tekken on-disc content will reportedly cost over $100 to unlock"

ArronC07  +   1261d ago
This has to be the most idiotic comment on this subject that I've seen.
rebirthofcaos  +   1262d ago
wow, that why I havent purchase any game from them, they are like activision, apple, let them die.
coolasj  +   1262d ago
Bandai of America ( at least the anime division ) has proven that you can die if people aren't buying your products.
rezzah  +   1261d ago
Should not be surprising as in Canada prices are like like $20 more than in the states.

I usually find the cheapest offers from sellers in the US.
Nyxus  +   1262d ago
This is a shame. I like Capcom a lot, I like their games, but these business practices need to stop.
unknownhero1123  +   1262d ago
it won't unless people vote with their wallet.
Hawkhunter12  +   1262d ago
h311rais3r  +   1262d ago
Someone please take legal action against on disc dlc!
ambientFLIER  +   1262d ago
Key word here is "Reportedly". People get all worked up over rumors, 99% of which are false.

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Ravenor  +   1262d ago
Well, you know the game community. No one does anything in half measures. If you're going to buy costumes you're going to buy the costumes for every character right!? /s

I've enjoyed quite a few fighting games this gen, yet never purchased any DLC for them...weird I know.
Grimhammer00  +   1262d ago
The problem truly lies with the licensing of games for consumer purchase. You own 0% of any game you buy....you pay for the rights to play them.

How do we get laws to change this? I don't know.
But, if we gamers don't change this....everything following is fully in publishers rights to do.

Yes, you could not buy these games. But you might as well just skip this hobby at that point. Since its rampant consumer abuse everywhere.
Ravenor  +   1262d ago
I tried telling people this, but I'm always wrong.

You only have a license to play SFXT, not the data on the disk. What's on there is irrelevant, you don't own it and do not have the right to it unless Capcom says so. Basically, this information empowers you to do two things.

Option 1: Don't buy the fucking game.

Option 2: Don't be a brat and don't buy DLC.

Why is this so hard for some of you?
honkyjesus  +   1262d ago
GamersRulz  +   1262d ago
I thought that SFXT is actually a DATA on the disc!!
jetlian  +   1262d ago
actually ravenor and grim are both wrong. you do own the disk and its contents you dont own the distrubtion rights to the contents!!

Problem is disk locked content isnt full so while you own the dlc without the key its worthless

best buy at 40 + 20 dlc 60 total for me it will be 70
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snipes101  +   1261d ago
Even if that is the case Ravenor (idk if it for sure because youre just some random guy on the internet, no offense, and I havent researched the topic too too much), how does that make things like this ok? I really dont see how publishers and developers constantly milking us for more money is ok.

Video games got along fine without garbage like this in the past, it isnt needed now. This isnt about consumers disregarding the presence of a law, it is about the purveyors of video games exploiting a law. That is just not ok in my eyes.

Plus, telling someone to just not buy a game is dumb. People play and buy games because they enjoy them. Just because they enjoy the act of playing video games does not mean they have to take garbage like this from the people who are making and publishing them. Like Grimhammer said, its consumer abuse.
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honkyjesus  +   1262d ago
Yeah, BioWare these consumers.
Ravenor  +   1262d ago
You purchased ME3. Hypocrite much?
Ghost250  +   1262d ago
im not gonna rant cause i've already been there done that all i can is people just vote with your wallet don't support this kind of stuff.
Grimhammer00  +   1262d ago
What we should be focusing on is determining is at what point is a publisher/developer held respondsible for a licensed product that does not fulfill its advertised use to its full agreement.

Example: If Capcom used dlc chracters in ads to sell said game. But did not disclose clearly in those ads that said characters were paid dlc.
vortis  +   1262d ago
Like with Cody and Guy?
Ravenor  +   1262d ago
It's the only reasonable argument. If they were advertised before release then they should be in the game.

I only argue for the sake of informing people what they "Own" and don't "Own". Which I sincerely wish I didn't have to do...sound like a broken record all the time.
Tose  +   1261d ago
vortis  +   1261d ago
@Tose, I'm too tired and lazy to link fetch for you.

Just go through the GNews feed or better yet use GameTrailers and just look at the Street Fighter X Tekken promotional trailers...Capcom released trailers showing off Cody and Guy. It's the one with Hugo and Poison and I think there's a brief cameo of Haggar. So...yeah...
Raider69  +   1262d ago
Well if i buy a game disc all the content that is on that disc is for me to use it ,its my property,if its lock but i find a way to unlocked i have every right to use that locked content too,it came with the disc i brought,i payed for it.If they dont want this to happen dont put it on the disc.Has for features that are advertised on the game box and are not present on the game CRAPCOM should get sued too.
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Awesome_Gamer  +   1262d ago
What the fuck happend to capcom and EA this gen?? seriously.. I'm asking!!
hazelamy  +   1261d ago
you're looking forward to a more sophisticated answer than http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-S... i assume?
BubloZX  +   1261d ago
Guess I'lvl just get it on PSVita and get it all and cheaper then the consoles. But I don't buy costumes so I'm good there.
BubloZX  +   1261d ago
lol sad day when you get a disagree when stating fact and opinion. The vita version is going to be cheaper then the ps3 version, fact. I don't like costumes so they are pointless, opinion.
Skateboard  +   1261d ago
I don't buy games to use 60% and buy the rest later.
Nerdmaster  +   1261d ago
That's why I refuse to buy DLC like alternate costumes, weapons and whatnot in any game. They all shoud be included in the game and, if sold separately, should cost like $5 for all of them together.
OooHJohnny  +   1261d ago
This is sad but expected...
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1261d ago
Just make the on disc content free. Oh wait that will NEVER happen, and its not just Capcom that is doing this BS.

Times were much better when DLC didn't exist for the most part. We pay to get the complete game, give us the DLC for free especially if its on disk.
Noami  +   1260d ago
so let me get this right PS3/360 game cost in u.s 60$ and does not have thous 12 character

Vita game cost 39.99$ and will have more 12 characters.

i think capcom dug a hole deeply to them self in the gaming industry with this.

why im getting the vita ver if i get it dunno if im going to yet the game that is.
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