Top 20 Halo Maps: 20-10 --

Some of the very best maps from the Halo Universe. Is your favorite amongst the top 20?

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DiRtY2283d ago

1. Lockout (Halo 2)
2. Sansibar (Halo 2 / 3)
3. Pitt (Halo 3)
4. Powerhouse (Halo: Reach)
5. Beaver Creek (Halo 2)

ahhh good times..

XboxInnovation2283d ago

Valhalla is my fav Halo map of all-time. One of the best sniping maps in any shooter, period.

sonicsidewinder2283d ago

All that time playing Tower of Power on Ascension.

Halo 2 was the best of them all for multiplayer.

Whore_Mouth2283d ago

I think that I may be the only one but, Burial Mounds, Headlong, Terminal and Turf are my all time favorite halo maps.

Entmoot2283d ago

Lockout > Blackout... wait