A History Of: Armored Core (Part 2)

Trendy Gamers: For Part 2 of our history of the Armored Core series, we’ll be looking at the early PlayStation 2-era games, starting with Armored Core 2 and going up to Silent Line: Armored Core.

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TrendyGamers2460d ago

The next part will feature the worst game in the series, any guesses on which one?

Captain Qwark 92460d ago

imo it would be 4 but that can be a little misleading. while i think its the worst i still think its a good game. whats even more odd is its follow up, 4answer is one of the best in the series imo. master of arena is still my fav though, followed by ac2.

i played the jap demo for 5 though and think its amazing. has best in the series potential imo, guess ill know at midnight tomorrow.

also, nice read, been playing these since my early teens. still one of my fav series

TrendyGamers2460d ago

I've always been curious, what does the 'For Answer' refer to?

Captain Qwark 92460d ago

despite having played it for a while, i have no idea lol

TrendyGamers2460d ago

Lol maybe its just one of those things in titles that doesn't make sense. Like Duodecim.