That's ONE way to sell PS3 Controllers

An astute camera-phone photographer caught this little gem at his local Walmart.

From the article: "Obviously Microsoft is paying big money for these endcap displays, and I can't help but feel they might have a problem with this."

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Texas GMR3795d ago

they've been talking about for the Xbox! It's true! LOL

HarryEtTubMan3796d ago

LOL Dualshock 3 for the win!

Hagaf223796d ago

thats one bored fanboy, went to walmart at midnight changed them all and thought it would be a funny pic....

Blitzed3796d ago

Does that mean it was you that went to the Wallmart at midnight to get medicine for your sick daughter; yet still felt compelled to take the time to point out to the staff that they have Playstation product in the 360 display. Thats disturbingly sad.

Darkiewonder3796d ago

and it's near boxes. Like those many nights I used to go at around 2 O' Clock just to hear the floor wax machine do it's job. while Walmart Employers stock up and move things around.

JSA-Gamer3796d ago

it was up front near the medicine.... opposite end of the store from the electronics section.

Darkiewonder3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

while would the controllers be at the front away from the electronic sections?

I know my hallmark Card section. Top new brown finish, color little rectangle shaped objects from a distance. Yep. that's the Hallmark Card Section.