Ten Characters You've Probably Forgotten

Remember these guys? Probably not. Take a walk down memory lane with the Top Ten Gaming Characters You’d Probably Forgotten About...

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Xboxspillno1952d ago

I know the headline says "probably", I just hope people haven't forgotten about Garrett, cuase Theif was a great series. Fingers crossed for "Thief 4".

CarlitoBrigante1952d ago

"jack and daxter" LMAO

Its JaK&Daxter and it has still many many fans, Jak Trilogy HD just released last month LOL

morkendo231951d ago

of all those games NEVER heard of DIZZY rest should make some kind of come back.

caseh1951d ago

Means you're not one of the older gamers. :)

Dizzy games were all the rage back on the old Spectrum/Commadore/Amstrad home computers many moons ago.

mr.selfdestruct1951d ago

I can't believe he left out Boogerman!! It seems he forgot about this great hero as well :(

roadkillers1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Actually Boogerman and Gex were the first characters that popped in my head. They can't be that forgotten if thats who you and I thought of when reading this article.

execution171951d ago

first one that came to mind was Tomba

OhMyGandhi1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I know! and what about "Bug" from "Bug" on Sega Saturn.
God that game frustrated the hell out of me.

-PINNER-1951d ago

Out of all of those characters, the only one I'd like to see again is Crash Bandicoot.

MiyagiSPG1951d ago

Crash, Earthworm Jim, and the Streets of Rage gang need a come back!

Minus Earthworm Jim HD

Kurisu1951d ago

As much as I enjoy Streets of Rage I wouldnt want to see a comeback. A new game would probably ruin everything that makes it such a classic.

caseh1951d ago

There was a fan made re-make of the SOR series a while back and from what I saw it was amazing.

Sega slapped them down, they were forced to pull the project altogether a day or so after it was completed.

The right way to go about it would be to show these guys some appreciation then port it to the consoles. The guys who spent years on it get credit and Sega make money from the franchise.

As much as I like Sega their business practice is piss poor in a lot of aspects.

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The story is too old to be commented.