Why is The Legend of Zelda Such a Perfect Series?

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most well known video game series of all time. Over the past 25 years it has continued to not only make its way into the hearts of countless fans, but certain entries have also been recognized by different people as games of the year and even the best games of all time. These games are the most popular, but when it comes to the core fans of the series, each title can find its way to the top of someone’s list.

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LX-General-Kaos2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

The Zelda franchise is absolutely perfect because of one thing and one thing only. It was born destined to take the gaming industry to new heights. Destiny. Nintendo set out to create an adventure game that would stand the test of time. A series that would survive anything thrown its direction. Entertaining gamers worldwide from beginning to the very end. One of the longest running consistently great franchises in gaming. Backed with some of the highest reviews and godlike praise of all time.

No matter how many games come and go, you can always count on Nintendo exclusive Zelda to stand by your side. Stand by your side and show you a true gaming experience that can only be found with Nintendo. If you ask anyone that has played a game or two in their day. Chances are at some time they have experienced the magic of the greatest adventure franchise of all time. The Zelda Franchise.

Here is a proper tribute video just to bring back all of those loving memories of the great times we have all had over the years. Only a Nintendo franchise can remain this outstanding for this long of a period of time. A franchise that has the potential to lead the adventure genre forever.


After watching that video I want you to answer a near impossible question. A question that there is virtually no answer to. What was your favorite Zelda title?

My personal favorite was Wind Waker. I have never experienced anything like it before. Even though it was another Nintendo exclusive Zelda franchise game. It was in my opinion the most innovative and exciting of the bunch.

Even now in the overly competitive gaming world. Nintendo continues the reputation of delivering a 1st class Zelda experience. Game of the year Nintendo exclusive Zelda Skyward Sword.

Now we can sit back and patiently wait to see what the masterminds at Nintendo can do for us Nintendo elite fans on the Nintendo Wii U entertainment console. Have a good day and happy gaming.

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Hisiru2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Oh god... How can he write such a large text and still be the first post in the article?

Ghost2502076d ago

i'll gladly buy the next zelda on one condition no "SHITTY" motion controls.

Pozzle2076d ago

Or at least give us the option to turn them off.

Lord_Sloth2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

I'm with Pozzle on this 1. Why not please both sides anyway?

Ghost2502075d ago

exactly why not just give the option, why force it down our throats for?

Dantheman12075d ago

skyward sword control's are far better than any controls in any other game FACT

yabhero2075d ago

I'm gonna miss the awesome sword slashing is skyward sword

Ghost2502074d ago

@Dantheman1 didn't know a opinion was fact LMAO. get out of here clown.

vikingland12075d ago

Zelda games are allways charming and fun.

BinCs2075d ago

I'm guessing you haven't played CD-I games...

browngamer412075d ago went there-and I suppose you mr. Troll have experienced the wonder of those games? yeah probably not(note the Sarcasm..those games are garbage) But for you to whip those out as an example of how crappy this series is just shows what a Ninty hating troll you truly are..Nintendo didn't even make these games(which you may or may not have's getting hard to tell with you trolls lately)

BinCs2075d ago

I didn't say anything bad about Legend of Zelda. Stop twisting my words in your head and accept or reject my opinion without calling me names.

PopRocks3592075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )


Those weren't made by Nintendo. And they're not canon.

CaptainN2075d ago

You actually brought up Zelda games that were in no way created by Nintendo and yet you expect to have positive feedback from that comment. If you are going to try to throw stones at the series at least compare and contrast all the titles developed in house by Nintendo, not ones that were liscensed out to another developer for a non Nintendo console.

If anyone agrees with me Bubble me up :)

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Khordchange2075d ago

Theres a Certain charm to it, kinda like the first bioshock(though completly different games). the music, the atmosphere, the puzzles, the characters, just everything. Great games