Guns in The Legend of Zelda

ZD writes: To sum up my stance like I do at the beginning of the video… I’m indifferent about guns actually appearing in the series. I don’t particularly care to see it, nor do I have any problem with it. That said, most of this video is spent disproving arguments against having guns in Zelda, because while I don’t particularly need to see a gun in a Zelda game, I’ve generally felt that all the arguments against doing so are pretty bad.

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Kos-Mos1951d ago

It`s hard to even try to watch the video with that thing with a hat. No I won`t.

CraigUK1951d ago

what the hell did I just read.

I have never heard anybody even mention wanting guns in a zelda game, and I'm pretty sure people dont argue about it enough that people need to validate their oppinion on it.

CanadianTurtle1951d ago

I can't believe I just came to a video that didn't have Link holding a gun. This sucks more than being rickrolled.