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IGN - Gravity Rush: On Cats and Comics

IGN - And why you should drop the cash to pick it up on April 6. (Gravity Rush, PS Vita)

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tiffac008  +   1015d ago
They'll be taking my cold hard earned cash once this game is released~
godzilla72  +   1015d ago
Waiting for this one! Love the cell shaded look and characters.
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r21  +   1015d ago
April 6? i thought the international release was May/June?
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   1015d ago
I want this game so. Damn. Bad
SnipeySnake  +   1015d ago
This is the only PS Vita game I want. *¬*
SOD_Delta  +   1015d ago
This is the only Vita game I want ATM.
a08andan  +   1015d ago
Had "Uncharted: Golden Abyss" as my "big" launch game. This is definately my next big game. It just looks so amazing :D
Hicken  +   1014d ago
Gravity Rush is the reason I bought a Vita. My copy's already paid off.

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