Starcraft 2 coming for Xbox 360?

Altgn received an interesting piece of information from a regular poster on their boards. He was taking quizzes through the Microsoft Retail Zone, which is a website interface used to further educate employees of electronic retail stores. While taking the quiz for "Universe at War", he stumbled upon a cool little gem that might come to pass.

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pwnsause3552d ago

i dont understand, an RTS cant work well on a console, controls are very complicated

felman873552d ago

hook up kb+mouse and it works

BloodySinner3552d ago

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II and Command and Conquer 3 worked well. So I don't know what you're rambling about.

mikeslemonade3552d ago

If true this isn't a 360's gamers game. Command Conquer and Lord of the Rings didn't sell that well. MS could succumb to the demand of kb+m, but for now this game won't have it if it comes for the 360.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3552d ago

^^^^ didnt C&C sell over a half million copies? and that only in the states. not bad there seems to be some market for it.

also when Halo wars it might just bring an entire new group of people into RTS since its halo and they fans will play it. if it good you never know RTS could be big.

ravinash3552d ago

But only if it worked with keyboard and mouse....can the 360 do that?
I really like RTS games, but not when they rip the sole out of it to get it to work with a controller.

JsonHenry3552d ago

The ONLY reason I will never buy an RTS for the 360 - NO KEYBOARD AND MOUSE SUPPORT!


wallace10003552d ago

C&C worked great on the 360. It is different from using a mouse and keyboard and takes a mission to get use to the controls but once you are used to them they are great. Change isn't always bad guys, you just have to give it a try.
I would definitely get starcraft 2, starcraft was and still is awesome.

djt233551d ago

you need kb+mouse to make it work

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Darkiewonder3552d ago

Must be teaching them the basic of rumors and speculations :P

BlackIceJoe3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I think it just means until StarCraft 2 comes out on the PC. So even the devs think Universe at War will be worse then SC2 but this way some people will see SC and might want to buy this game.

But if SC2 can come out on the 360 I hope Blizzard can get the controls down. Also even though it is a different game Halo Wars is coming to the 360. So may be this game could too.

felman873552d ago

possible, both warcraft and starcraft saw console releases. (Terrible releases) But I'll stick with the good ol PC

Quickstrike3552d ago

Starcraft is better on the PC. If it did come out on the 360 then it wouldnt sell that many copies comparied to the PC. But seriously I read the thing and I didnt see a lick of truth that the 360 is getting starcraft 2. Besides didn't blizzard say that they arn't gona bring Starcraft to the 3 platforms?

Gazman3552d ago

I personally stick to my pc for any RTS

Omegasyde3552d ago


Starcraft n64 was complete crap as well as the warcraft 2 for the ps1.

PopEmUp3551d ago

C&C: Red Alert on PS1 its the best rts at that time as well as on pc

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The story is too old to be commented.