Development Disaster: Could Kickstarter Flirtation Lead to Publisher Excommunication?

Let’s suppose for just a minute, that you are a developer. You’ve had some successes and a loyal following, but lately, you’ve taken some jobs that haven’t turned out so well. You’ve drifted away from your roots in order to keep your independent studio afloat with much needed capital.

The last project you worked on turned out pretty well. People liked it, but there were a lot of technical issues that marred the experience and emerged in a number of reviews. Going into the relationship with the publisher, you were either overconfident or unable to negotiate a better deal, and let part of your funding hinge on an 85 Metacritic score. You missed that mark… by one, measly point.

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Cataract2227d ago

It's an interesting concept, and one that I've thought of in the past. If anything, it makes me really curious to see where things are going to go in the next 5 years if things like Kickstarter really take hold with the gaming industry.

Nostradavis2226d ago

It may not give us an AAA FPS but I think we'll get some good stuff.

DeadlyFire2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

It might one day. Projects like Six Days in Fallujeh, or Interstellar Marines. Could easily fall into sporting a Kickstarter fund for their games. Both are potentially high quality FPS titles. Neither have lot of resources and are funded basically on their own or by the community around them.

BlackjackCF2227d ago

You're spot on Mike. I was just thinking about this the other day.

Shadowauthor2227d ago

Great article. I think that there's room in the ecosystem for both types of funding.

ostgar2226d ago

Game Informer did a piece about Double Fine and those guys are saying a bit about having a new way to work on un-publishable games. I'm not sure we will ever see a kickstarter kill off publishing as it is known, but I can bet you a new type of gaming will pop up. Indie Games, AAA titles, Kickstarted games, etc.

ginsunuva2226d ago

Donate to Auditorium Duet on Kickstarter!

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