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More Clues to a Battlefield 3 Battlerecorder Surface

MP1st - "Today, we have gathered two exciting clues that strongly suggest a Battlefield 3 Battlerecorder exists… somewhere." (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Hufandpuf  +   1201d ago
So the legends were true, I hope they reveal it soon now that its been outed. I want to record epic moments so bad.
Fylus  +   1201d ago
The unfortunate thing is, I've already had so many epic moments that are already gone and there's no way to re-watch them; Like one time, on Sharqi, on top of the hill next to C, I tricked a guy driving a tank by making him think I was placing C4 on him (I was a medic) so he got out, then I stole his tank but right then, an ally jet crashed into me, sending my tank flying off the hill, upside-down, and landing directly on top of an enemy jeep which was coincidentally covered in C4, which blew up and killed at least 3 people.

I'm glad we should be getting the recorder soon and everything, but I just won't be able to reenact these moments already passed:(
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sllshrm  +   1200d ago
Dafuq did i just read?
BALLARD32  +   1201d ago
Oh the thing they said would be in the game way back when? That Battle Recorder? Yeah, I wouldn't count on it ever showing up.
Hufandpuf  +   1201d ago
they NEVER said it would be in the game. they said they were working on it.
sovietsoldier  +   1201d ago
CrzyFooL  +   1201d ago
artdafoo  +   1201d ago
Oh great something else to add to the already game breaking input lag.
GanjaMonkey  +   1200d ago
Really hope they are adding some sort of recording feature..there's so many unique kills in BF that i'd love to record!
BeardedPriest  +   1200d ago
Sigh. I probably won't be playing anymore by the time they release it. :)

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