Preorder Burnout Paradise from GAME and get an exclusive in-game car

Like, UK's GAME are taking preorders for Burnout Paradise (PS3 and Xbox 360). You will get an exclusive in-game car! Code will be sent by email.

This game is due for release in UK on 25th January.

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FamilyGuy3494d ago

I plan on getting this day 1 so im going to look in to this. I wasn't going to pre-order but if they have this at GameStop here in the U.S. I'll be pre-ordering...

resistance1003494d ago

GAME did this for Need For Speed Pro Street aswell.

They also have exclusive rights to GOTY edition of oblivion on 360/PC just to give an indication of how big game are in the UK

resistance1003494d ago


thats odd as game have it down as an exclusive

Unless gameplay are owned by GAME aswell now

TwelveGauge-GT3494d ago

Gameplay are part of the same company as GAME.

whoelse3494d ago

I wasn't going to pre-order this either but now i get a reward, i will ;) If i can persuade my dad.

Skerj3494d ago

I'll wait until the code is posted on Gamefaqs like always hah.

LJWooly3494d ago

Lol, too right, mate :)

name3494d ago

@ LJwooly

I like to keep this for close encounters. :)

LJWooly3493d ago

Lol, i see what you did there. That was great, bubbles+!!

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