Mass Effect 3’s Sex Scenes Are Super Awkward

Writer Tom Bissell, who might be one of the most insightful critics in gaming today, published a great piece over at Grantland today about Mass Effect 3.

Here's an excerpt (though you should totally read the whole thing):

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MultiConsoleGamer2197d ago

Awkward and exceptionally creepy at times.

AngryTypingGuy2196d ago

The male gay love scene shouldn't be an option. I'm not offended by it because NOTHING offends me. I always support sources of entertainment creatively taking it to the line as much as possible, and sometimes even crossing it. But...was Shepard gay in ME 1 or 2? Doesn't make sense to have him be straight in the first and then all of a sudden he's gay in the third. If he started out gay in ME1 it would be perfectly fine. For continuity reasons it shouldn't have happened.

By the way I fully support lesbian love scenes, no matter the time or reason. ;-D

Rageanitus2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I don't know what the big deal is honestly.

If you do not want to see the gay scenes then don't do those actions in the game. Simple as that.

Just like in real life if your straight/gay... your going have actions and behaviors that reflect this. If someone is homophobic then fine don't interact with these ppl.

Who says Shepard is not BI? maybe he is coming out of the closet ;)

M83_2196d ago

"I always support sources of entertainment creatively taking it to the line as much as possible"
But you can't support total creativity if your hampering and limiting them on their decision to do what they like to the game, even if it is a gay character option.
And why is it ok to add a female gay option and not a male gay one?
You sound like a hypocrite that is insecure about your sexuality.

Dark112196d ago

Yeah the gay love is pointless bioware should remove it and keep the straight/lesbian love only.
cuz i don't want this gay shit in my game!!!!

PooEgg2196d ago


So you are okay with the lesbian, but you don't want gay? ... Seriously, go back to your cave and don't come out again until you grow up!

DNAbro2196d ago

You know you don't have to romance anyone in the first two games, so yes you could technically have a gay shepard in the first two games.

Dark112196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

i guess i should have add the /s
so you can understand it , right? -_-

AngryTypingGuy2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

@M83, I certainly support total creativity. I don't think they should have had the possibility of Shepard being gay, for story continuity purposes, however I fully support Bioware's right to make it if they want to.

I have a strong hate of censorship. I hate when the right tries to censor people who have something to say about religion and I hate when the left tries to be the thought police and censor people for saying something racial or sexual.

Mark Twain said it best: "Censorship is telling a man he can't have steak because a baby can't chew it". Brilliant.

"And why is it ok to add a female gay option and not a male gay one?"-- It's ok to do either but my point was that it just didn't make sense after playing the first two, that's all. I think you're reading too much into it. And if I have to explain why I'd much rather see a lesbian scene than two dudes, then maybe YOU are the one confused about your sexuality.

adamant7152196d ago

Lol wow. He was never proclaimed straight, gay, etc. in any of the games. That is completely up to the PLAYER.

chadachada1232196d ago

Since when did bisexuality become nonexistent?

Your assertion that he wasn't gay in 1 or 2 is also wrong, because a player could have just not picked a love interest in the first two games and waited until the third to "come out" or something.

M83_2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Shepard is your neutral character and you decide everything that he is or becomes.
You claim to hate censorship yet that's what you're endorsing.
If you are so afraid of story inaccuracy, since you didn't engage in gay romances in the first game, then why have you no problem with the lesbian aspects of it and the storyline changes that brings?
Sexuality is fluid, not as black,white and grey as you think so it would be perfectly plausible for him to engage in gay sex and for it not to disrupt the storyline.
"And if I have to explain why I'd much rather see a lesbian scene than two dudes, then maybe YOU are the one confused about your sexuality". Why would I be confused about my sexuality? It's you who assumed I'm straight.

baodeus2196d ago


ME1 and ME2 situation is different. In ME3, the world is gonna end so maybe he finally realize his inner self. It make total sense. :D

Dee_912196d ago

the only thing awkward in that pic is the size of those pillows

Gaming1012196d ago

Maybe he turned gay? Besides, a lot of what he does/is is predicated on the player's actions, so if the player chooses him to be good or evil, straight or gay, you can do that. If people can turn gay in their 50's in real life, they can certainly do it in some videogame.

AngryTypingGuy2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

M83, censorship would be a higher power forbidding Bioware from allowing a gay Shepard in the game. I don't support that. Instead, I just think, for the hundredth time, that for continuity purposes the option of a gay male Shepard shouldn't have been in the game.

When I made that line about lesbians in my first comment, it was a joke. But I will say this...those who chose to play as a female Shepard have had the option to be lesbian since ME 1. In other words, the option to be a gay female was there from the beginning so it would make sense, the option to be a gay male from the beginning was not. Do you get it now? I don't know how else to spell it out for you. It's not like I can stand in front of you in real life and say it very slowly so you can actually comprehend what I'm saying.

Oh, and M83...when did I assume you were straight? You were the one taking the fact that I said a gay male Shepard shouldn't be an option in ME3 to heart, even though I made it clear that my reason was strictly so the story arc would make sense. Usually when one person is overly offended by something, they tend to have a personal connection to that "something". And for you to accuse me of being "insecure" about my sexuality...speaks volumes about yourself. So am I assuming that you are straight? Nope. But I'm not assuming anything else either since to me you're just a name on a message board.

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Maddens Raiders2196d ago

...another dumbass ME3 article.

egidem2196d ago

It's very awkward and just weird seeing Shepard with another guy in bed, right at the front page of N4G

PooEgg2196d ago


Just because YOUR Shepard wasn't gay in ME1 & ME2 doesn't mean Shepard wasn't gay for other players. It is possible that a lot of players just skipped the romance in the earlier games instead of having a straight or lesbian LI. It is also possible that Shepard is bi.

I have no problem with the change, and in a world open minded enough to allow girl/girl and also human/alien relations it only makes sense that two men together should be acceptable.

AngryTypingGuy2196d ago

Poo, was having Shepard be gay in ME 1 and 2 an option? If it was than I wasn't aware of it, and my argument would then be null and void. But if the male Shepard was straight in the first two than it just doesn't make sense to have him be gay in the third. I don't care about him being gay, I just want the story to make sense, which is not too much to ask.

Pozzle2197d ago

Haven't ME's sex scenes always been awkward?

aviator1892197d ago

I thought the one with Miranda in the second game was pretty decent.

NiKK_4192197d ago

That's the plainest comment I've seen to give someone bubbles for... Bubbles.

SilentNegotiator2197d ago

I know a lot of people fap their brains out to Miranda and whatever, so I don't expect too many people to agree, but I've always thought the characters looked off. Which makes the cuddle-roughly in semi-undress makeout scenes all the more creepy.

SeraphimBlade2197d ago

Reason #38 Tali is awesome. Fades to black just before things get stupidly funny.

M83_2197d ago

From what I've seen in videos the ''sex scenes'' are more like cuddling scenes. But yeah, they do appear awkward alright.

dreamoner2197d ago

The article is more about romantic relations rather than sex scenes themselves.

And especially ME2 was a pure struggle between shepard and women of the Normandy. fi. I dont even said anything interesting to Tali but next time I talk to her, she says `There shouldnt be anyone else or..` when I talk to Jack, she says `Why are you talking to me if you dont wanna have sex?`.. bitch, when did I say I was interested in you?

PooEgg2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I noticed that too, and ME3 isn't any better with all the females asking to be invited to Shepard's room. he is a total stud and my Shepard isn't even that good looking.

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