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Submitted by TANOD 2960d ago | news

Digital Playground: Pirates(X-Rated Film) Blu-ray 'Selling Like Gangbusters'

Apparently the Blu-Ray version of the movie "Pirates" is creating shockwaves all over. This is what Digital Playground is reporting :-

" Despite widespread cynicism about the market for high-def porn, pre-orders for Digital Playground's Pirates Blu-ray disc are "through the roof," according to CEO Samantha Lewis.

"We didn't know what to expect," Lewis told AVN, "and we can't keep them here. We're just a little crazy, because we weren't expecting it. We thought it'd be a little bit slower paced, and then when I went to the Berlin show, I'm like, 'OK, something's going on here.' And then when I got back, the U.S. was just bam-bam-bam-bam-bam."
" (Tech)

Darkiewonder  +   2960d ago
Oh snap!
I thought this was POTC but it was the D-list adult movie.
Skerj  +   2960d ago
I think you mean F-list hehehe. ..
pwnsause  +   2960d ago
hAHAHAHAHAHHAAH OMFG. I guess the porn industry realizes that BLu-ray is the Successor to VHS(VHS won Cause of Porn) and DVD
TANOD  +   2960d ago
well everyone knows that BD is the successor
cant wait for FF13 on a 100 gig BD disc by HITACHI
wallace1000  +   2959d ago
Ah TANOD TANOD TANOD. Everyone knows that blu-ray is the successor? Is that the same as everyone agrees with what you are saying?
I think the answer to both is no, one because hd dvd is also selling well like blu-ray and two, because your bubbles are rapidly approaching one :-P
Lord Anubis  +   2960d ago
May I have your attention please.


that is all.
WisinYandel  +   2960d ago
caught me off guard... ;)
pwnsause  +   2960d ago
I find it kind of funny that when the porn industry went HD-DVD exclusive, everyone was saying that HD-DVD won, but when the industry realized that they werent making money on that format and went multi-format, they sell the BD version of their porn like crazy. i can already see those executives, "DAMN WE SHOULDNT HAVE LISTENED TO THOSE IDIOTS AT TOSH!!!!"
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2960d ago
I saw this movie lol.
jack who  +   2960d ago
KidMakeshift  +   2960d ago
Booty of another kind, yar

Why isn't there a hentai version of PoTC yet?
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FamilyGuy  +   2960d ago
POTC Hentai?
That's a good question :o Are you sure there isn't one?
Marona  +   2960d ago
There is an Jack acts all "gay" in them >>;
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shrimpboat  +   2960d ago
Hmm. I wonder how good this film would look on my 720p 42" screen. Not interested in buying but I wonder.
Rice  +   2960d ago
You can see the dots on the girls tits.
KidMakeshift  +   2960d ago
You can actually feel the penetration
Xanatos  +   2960d ago
DJ  +   2960d ago
Big wakeup call for the Porn Industry.
And that quote is f-ing hilarious! Releasing flicks on Blu-ray are going to raise their profits threefold.
KidMakeshift  +   2960d ago
I think the question on everyone's mind is "will 2girls1cup be on Blu-Ray?"

"kids in a sandbox?"

It's nice to know that we're all equally disgusting, lol
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Rice  +   2960d ago
OMG, i you thought 2girls1cup was nasty go check out 2girls1finger...
BTW if 2girls1cup came to Blu-ray, the world would end of sh*t.
Skerj  +   2960d ago
I am now sad that someone reminded me of that. GF showed it to me pretending she didn't know what it was, just like my ex showing me tubgirl.
Rice  +   2960d ago
And i shall remind u of "kids in a sandbox"
mintaro  +   2960d ago
sick dude....sick....why you bringing that up again?
tatotiburon  +   2960d ago
jajaja now tanod/nasim/shmee can bone his PS3
satanslilh3lp3r  +   2960d ago
i already beat him to it
hey, all those ventilation holes have got to be there for something, right? and they sure as hell aren't there to keep the PS3 from overheating... nah, i'm just kidding... or am i.... =|8^{D+<
Boink  +   2960d ago
the fact that this made news is just pathetic.
jack who  +   2960d ago
Hagaf22  +   2960d ago
just wondering..
definitely a perv, that was on that site to find that then to submit it as news....
Lex Luthor  +   2960d ago
Tanod can you please stop spamming. This isn't a porn site FFS it's a gaming site.
Same goes for the retards that approve this sh!t.
ironwolf  +   2960d ago
The comments really shine a light on the Sony fans.
Doesn't it?
LJWooly  +   2960d ago
Yeah, I guess you're right. Shame, isn't it, that male Sony fans like to see naked women, god forbid!
Polluted  +   2960d ago
Lol. I live in an apartment above a porn shop and there's a big poster for this movie in the window. Seriously though, who rents or buys these things anymore? Isn't that what the internet's for?
FamilyGuy  +   2960d ago
I think
I think the reason it's selling well/hyped about/ whatever is because it's the first. They all want to see what it looks like and considering the general age group and type of people that own PS3s im not surprised. I mean really, what 18-35 year old man doesn't like porn and video games?
eddierivera  +   2960d ago
Is pirates any good? Ill buy it
someone tell me, i love porn,
FamilyGuy  +   2960d ago
I'll see soon
Im downloading the avi now, i want to see if this is even any good or if what i said above is whats going on. Plus I like porn XD

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TheTwelve  +   2960d ago
"I think especially in adult, there's nothing like [high definition]," Lewis said. "And if you shoot with the good cameras, and you're lighting it correctly, and you're shooting it like a true filmmaker, there's nothing better. You are as close and as real as you can get."


How about trying to get a REAL girl. So much better.----12
Skerj  +   2960d ago
Yeah I've gone on dates cheaper than BluRay movies, ended better too o_O
LJWooly  +   2960d ago
Skerj, you own, my friend. TRACKED!
FamilyGuy  +   2960d ago
Here is what matters!
"The Blu-ray version of Pirates is the first to offer the movie and all of its supplemental features in 1080p resolution, containing over six hours of footage on a single disc."

again "over 6 hours of footage on a single disc"

Talk about bang for your buck :P
Guwapo77  +   2959d ago
But do you get True HD 5.1? I want it to sound like I'm tappin' five gurls at the same time. Oh yeah. Japanese orgy baby. Konichiwa b!tches!
The Dude  +   2960d ago
Oh great now TANOD's going to get hairy palms and wont be able to blog. LOL
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Salvadore  +   2960d ago
Wow, this was totally unexpected.
supermandead666  +   2960d ago
Wow, now i can see the girls razor burn in HD. XD
LJWooly  +   2960d ago
Sorry mate, someone already beat you to that one on the last porn thread. Good effort, though.
LJWooly  +   2960d ago
Even if it is in 1080p, i'm still not paying for porn, damnit!! For that, we have the good old information highway, uh-huh.
Jinxstar  +   2960d ago
Even though this is not game news it's great news imho. I should print it out and frame it.
Jinxstar  +   2960d ago
Even though this is not game news it's great news imho. I should print it out and frame it.
mistertwoturbo  +   2960d ago
well in japan there's a lot of blu-ray hentai already. don't know how it's selling though.

but come on, these guys cant be that surprised. PS3's are used to play games and watch blu-rays. Chances are, 80% of those PS3 owners are males. And males love to watch porn. Simple as that.

So once again blu ray BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM's HD-DVD.

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