Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Weekend Challenge – PS3 Players Excluded

BioWare announced today that Mass Effect 3 players will be treated to a special challenge this weekend, named Operation: Goliath. Players who are able to complete a Silver-level challenge or higher will be awarded with a Commendation Pack, containing special equipment and weapons. Additionally, if the entire Mass Effect 3 community is able to kill 1 million Reaper Brutes or more, then *everyone* will be awarded with a "Victory Pack", another special equipment pack.

The only problem? Playstation 3 players will apparently be excluded from the challenge, due to "technical difficulties".

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Rainstorm812099d ago

Wow this got me excited , until i saw my version will be excluded.....That sucks

Great job bioware, piss even more people off

ovhaum2099d ago

They excluded our version because we are not "Indoctrinated", perhaps?

CrimsonEngage2096d ago

Well the ME games were supposed to be exclusive to 360. Be lucky you even get to play them. BF3 get's DLC before the 360 yet i'm not going to complain about it.

Rainstorm812096d ago

Supposed to be?? LMAO

Oh yea did the BF3 DLC come to 360?? Yep it did so this is hardly the same.

If it was "Supposed to be exclusive MS shouldve stepped up to the plate and tried to keep Bioware, ME1 was the 360 best exclusive IMO

zeal0us2099d ago

I finally got to try the multiplayer. I have to say it isnt all as bad as I thought it would be. In fact its actually pretty good.
1million, Comeon include the ps3 audience

360GamerFG2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Way to have the entire article in your summary. Good job.
It's really too bad that the ps3 can't join. Technical difficulties?

360GamerFG2099d ago

The game did sell over 1.2 million worldwide 1st week on X360 so maybe it isn't so much Microsoft $$$ as it is X360 gamers' $$$. . .you know, because we like buying games instead of merely talking them up.

trouble_bubble2098d ago

lol, oh please FinancialGamer. For a series so touted by critics & fangirls as the StarWars of this gen and the best games evah, ME1 only sold 2.4 million on 360 and ME2 only sold 2.7 million on 360.

Funny how PS3 never gets credit for all the games that pass 2 million -Heavy Rain, inFamous, Resistance, Killzone, LBP, GOW, MGS etc- but when games barely pass 2 mil on the 360 it's suddenly "we like buying games and don't just talk about it".

C'mon. If Mass Effect could sell more than 2.5 million a pop, maybe it wouldn't have gone multiplat? 360 exclusivity didn't deliver sales wise, bottom line. Nothing to brag about. Assassins Creed destroys Mass Effect in sales every year, on BOTH consoles.

ljh2172098d ago

Personally, it's nice to see any console getting something like a community weekend event. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come (and more importantly, open platforms for both the 360 & PS3).

I know it's unlikely to happen, but I can dream right?

camel_toad2099d ago

Technical difficulties aside, the ps3 always seems to get the shaft.

Perjoss2099d ago

The best way to avoid getting the shaft is use your ps3 for exclusives and blurays, and buy a 360 (they are cheap now) for multi-platform games and online.

ddurand12098d ago

that logic is certainly flawed.

shammgod2099d ago

F you too Bioware, F you too!

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