Ultra-realistic virtual reality tech makes a run at next-gen consoles

Brian Crecente @ Vox Games writes:

"It makes the optoelectronics used to train helicopter pilots, tank crews and jet fighter pilots. Its high resolution, near-to-eye microdisplays are used in surgical microscopes and in HD cinema cameras. Now this company, called Forth Dimension Displays, wants to take on gaming in hopes of delivering in-home, reality-replicating surround vision for the next generation of game consoles."

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TABSF1504d ago

Does look awesome, I'm sure someone has done something like this 'DIY' on PC already.

camel_toad1504d ago

Ive wanted at-home virtual reality since way back when the genesis almost had it. Sounds great to me.

xAlmostPro1504d ago

I had no idea david blane had taken up game/tech review

sjaakiejj1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I think one of the main barriers for this type of technology as of now is that people would be moving around, unable to see what's actually around them. You'd have to somehow make people think they're moving when they're not, and catch those signals, using them for the game instead.

Ps. Once you've managed to overcome that barrier, imagine playing a game like Amnesia with it :|

DaBears1011503d ago

Geez. I barely manage amnesia with my monitor. Having it right in my face like that, I see myself tripping all over everytime something jumps out. :)

xX TriiCKy Xx1502d ago

That's the beauty of it. :)