Top 5 Must Have First-Person Shooters of 2012

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"Now that Electronic Arts and Activision have slugged it out over the past few years for the claim of the most popular first-person shooter on Xbox Live, it’s time for the return of the king as Microsoft gears up to release Halo 4 later this winter. While Gears of War 3 launched last year with much hype and fizzled before being booted out of the top five active Xbox Live titles, there’s not a single chance that Halo 4 will fall victim to such humbling turn of events. Beyond Halo 4, there are many other first-person shooters lining up to take a swing at the plate. But call us crazy and throw us in the loony bin because neither title makes it in our top five most anticipated FPSs of 2012.

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LaurenKB1232291d ago

THIS is my genre and I'll be playing them all!

RioKing2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Cool story bro

Back to the topic: the list is pretty nice (where's Advanced Warfighter?) and the writing is also pretty good....but this whole "One list-ranking per page to generate more hits" thing is annoying.

lastdual2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Advanced Warfighter is a third person shooter, not an FPS.

I think the list is ok, though the lack of Borderlands 2 seems odd. I'm also pretty interested in Prey 2 and Metro: Last Light - just hope the later keeps the stealth and haunting atmosphere of 2033.

RioKing2290d ago

Ahh yeah true, thanks for that

ATi_Elite2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

1. Arma III
2. Planetside 2
3. Tribes: Ascend
4. Line of Defense
5. Firefall

These first 5 are BIG, HUGE, and very ambitious games with 3 being MMOFPS (Line of defense, Planetside 2, Firefall) where battles will take days and weeks to decide as teams try to control a PLANET and it's resources (no close quarters combat here)! Nothing is as real as Arma III is gonna be and Tribes:Ascend is the fastest shooter EVER!

6. Counter Strike Global Offensive
7. Blacklight Retribution
8. Warface
9. Ghost Recon Online
10.Metro Last Light

These will be some AAA quality shooters with Metro concentrating on the SP aspect while Blacklight, Ghost, and Warface bring in some very innovative options to F2P and FPS period. Hawken is a FPS Mech game that looks intense while CS gets an update.

Enjoy getting shot in the face in 2012!!

BALLARD322291d ago

Arma III makes me wish I could afford a nice pc.

trenso12291d ago

whats so good about arm III? everytime i se a video of it. its some guy running in a empty field...if someone could direct me to a good video that would be helpful

UltimaEnder2291d ago

New brothers in arms looks sick...

NYC_Gamer2291d ago

I'm buying Bioshock for sure

guitarded772291d ago

Yeah, Bioshock is my only "must have" on the list... I'll probably play the others because I'm a game whore, Bioshock is so much more than just a FPS.

Nimblest-Assassin2291d ago

Bioshock is the only FPS i will be buying for a loooooong time.

The genre feels extremely saturated

brianunfried2291d ago

No Borderlands 2, it should be number one. Does anybody care about Halo anymore? It was cool about ten years ago.

Highlife2291d ago

I don't play Halo but to ask if anyone cares about Halo is pretty silly.

MysticStrummer2291d ago

People definitely still care about Halo, but I never understood it's appeal. As for the list, I'd take Brothers in Arms out and put in Borderlands 2, which would be my only "must play" FPS this year. Halo wouldn't be on my list at all but it's not my list and I understand fans of the series being excited about it, even though I don't understand why they are.

brianunfried2291d ago

I tried to get into it. The gameplay was great, but the overall design of the characters and game felt generic and bland. The enemies were more silly than scary.

Highlife2291d ago


I feel the same way I know that it is a well made game. It just never appealed to me.

h311rais3r2291d ago

Reachs 14 million+ sales is clearly no one

kaveti66162291d ago

Stop trolling.

As for what you said down below, "generic and bland" is a buzzword you guys use. Those words more aptly describe Medal of Honor.

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Mikefizzled2291d ago

Overall a pretty decent list. Good to see Gearbox getting some loving after taking a so much flack for the new direction of BiA

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