Kojima Productions Reveals Metal Gear Series Total Lifetime Sales

Kojima Productions has announced the total sales numbers of the Metal Gear series.

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Batzi2262d ago

Really impressive for a non-casual game. I hope Kojima keeps releasing MGS games forever. On a side note, Call of Duty managed to reach that number with 2 games only :P

Captain Qwark 92262d ago

too bad they're terrible games!!!

jk jk, i still enjoyed ps1's solid the most though. snake eater was/is awesome but i hate the controls, idk why they needed to be so complex

Batzi2262d ago

the controls were fine in Snake Eater, it's just the fact you had alot more things to do in Snake Eater back then compared to "Sons of Liberty". But the nailed the controls in MGS4.

Stewie2k82262d ago

Yeh but Call of Duty is a casual game :p

Nyxus2261d ago

Call of Duty just has a wider appeal. It's very easy to pick up and play, whereas MGS is more complex and requires more learning. So it's not surprising CoD sells more, but these MGS sales are very impressive in their own right.

spacedelete2262d ago

the MGS series should have past 100 million sales as its a fantastic series. with only 30 million there is no justice in the world.

Nyxus2262d ago

Well, they make enough money to keep creating games, so it's not really a problem I think.

AusRogo2262d ago

And I have contributed a fair bit!

josephayal2262d ago

Congrat sony and mr kojima

tokugawa2262d ago

i didnt know sony owned the metal gear franchise??

Virus2012262d ago

Sony doesn't own the MGS franchise.

n4gisatroll2262d ago

Pretty good, considering the franchise has been kind of low key among gamers. I know its hard to believe, but a lot of people still don't know what MGS is. I love the series though.

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