Is There An El Shaddai Sequel Coming?

"Today a new El Shaddai site went up on the internet. It’s hard to tell exactly what we can expect from UTV Ignition, but it seems that they are working on a new project within the series. The site doesn’t reveal many details, and it’s in Japanese too so that makes it even harder to squeeze out the little details that are present."

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ShadyDevil2045d ago

II am voting 'fore sure' just because I hope it is true.

ziggurcat2045d ago

i'm pretty sure that the studio that made this game shut down shortly after the release of the game. i may be mistaken, though.

maniacmayhem2045d ago

Damn good game, excellent style, gameplay and character art.

People keep complaining about CoD and FPS games but I wonder if those same people even purchased this gem.