Journey PS3 Review (

Are video games art? This question has been debated many times, and don’t think there’s a simple answer. Just as with movies, there’s a definite distinction between unique, original pieces of cinema, and highly formulaic commercial crap whose only purpose is to make a buttload of money and sell plenty of merchandise. As the gaming industry has advanced over the years, the increased cost of development and distribution means we’re seeing a lot of re-used ideas and long-running franchises. After all, this is a much safer route to take when one flop could mean the end of your company. However, with the rise of digital distribution, smaller developers have a chance to work on unique projects that would otherwise never see the light of day.

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sandman2242046d ago

Bravo for Sony for making a great game. They deserve it.

Sikct9a2046d ago

I fell in love with the music.